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  1. Dont do it before the interview. Somome here did this and pics were posted online and they denied them the k1 because they had a marriage ceremony which constitutes marriage in other countries. I wouldn't try it. I would worry about her passing the interview. Make sure she does the interview get approved then "celebrate" as a family. If they even smell that you had any type of ceremony that looks like marriage they will deny y'all. And then you would have to do cr1 and you don't want to to do that I'm on cr1 now been waiting a yr for my noa2. But if you do have to do cr1 I suggest you file I-29f once you get your receipt number for I-130. But juat make sure she can answer any questions about you with comfodence she will be fine.
  2. I sent 6 months worth of conversation first middle and last page of those months. Pictures of course call log. Its not much you can have in the us with no social security number I had to file married filling separately too because again the foreigner doesnt have a SSN you can't be added to his bank so those types of evidence are limited you're just proving the marriage I dont believe they read all the messages as long as you sent I 10lb a vopy of the marriage license and photos of the wedding and y'all other times any financial support like if he sends you money or you him. You can always take new photos with you at the interview imcase they ask to see some.
  3. They don't care. Get married before her visa expires and file an adjustment of status before her visa expires. It's better to wait here while married than for her to go back and have to wait apart while married. It will take almost a yr to adjust her status so evidence will build. People have gotten married on less time than that. People meet on vacation for 2weeks call in love go back get engaged and file k1 and it's fine as long as the relationship is real you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Im in the same boat. mine is june 27 2018 still nothing. Ive called did inquiries all they say is I'm in line to be reviewed and my case is not assigned yet. So annoyingly annoying. Beyond over it. But what can you do but continue waiting
  5. They are two different types of visas. It will not effect you filing k1. Of course they will see you filed for her before and The interviewer may ask who filed for her before and what happened but it won't make or break the k1. Just have All your evidence and she needs to be confident and answer the questions correctly. You should do moc interview with her so she can feel comfortable answering.
  6. Do it yourself. I was going to use them too but I'm cheap and its cheaper to do it yourself. Get familiar with the forms. I printed out a copy and wrote it in so I could make corrections before I typed and printed. Its not hard at all. It just seems a little intimidating. I sent loads of pics. Please send more than 10. I printed out the first middle and last pages of our text for each month which was at the time was 6 months worth. I printed pics of screenshots if us on video calls I printed out call logs. All this is 6 months worth of info at the time I was filing. I sent copies of my tickets. my stamp ins and outs from my passport. We dont have a joint bank yet but I sent in financials of what I send showing family support. I sent 2 affidavits from my daughter and a friend. I sent in marriage license and divorced decree. Wedding invitation. With a cover letter stating all the evidence I submitted. After all that it was a pretty tall stack. I mailed it with the cheapest fastest mail delivery by the second day after mailing I recieved my text and email that they have received my petition. And now ive been waiting 11 months for a noa2. You can do this leave nothing unsigned reading over the application many many times before u send it.
  7. You should call or go to your local immigration office. I have a friend who was waiting for a long time it wasn't until she needed to travel and went there and found out they had lost her file but since her and her husband had a kid already they just gave her what she needed. So maybe they have lost your file.
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