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  1. Yes I figured it out. I sent a forgot password request and it sent a temporary password to my email and then I was able to log in and all my husbands information was already there on his profile.
  2. Did you figure it out. Having the same problem today
  3. No we are 37...age isnt the problem rather your same age couple or younger and older Nigeria is nigeria and they will be judgmental regardless just because they are nigerian
  4. Dont worry about the age plenty of people have age differences. Definitely dont lie. But yes that will be fine I gave 3 trips under my belt too and we got engaged officially after being together 4 months got married 6 months after that and I went back a yr after that waiting in the process not knowing it would take so long. Just get married take pictures show proof and make sure she can financially be approved to bring you and most if all at the interview answer the questions right and honestly.
  5. Listen imma straight up tell you. Yall are better off getting married in Nigeria instead of doing k1. They deny k1 easily and you cant fight for it because your not married. With the age gap and short time frame the CO may deny the petition because he chooses too. Idk if you watch 90 day fiance but michael and angela on the show same situation hes young shes older they denied him. My husband is nigerian we got married and files cr1/ir1 it takes longer but it's better to wait through this process than yo do k1 wait almost 1nyr get denied have to get married then apply for cr1/ir1 and wait 2yrs. If yall love each other I say next time she comes get married let her come back and file then she can come back to visit you again. And the waiting will build yalls relationship history
  6. You can always email ask nvc to reopen ds260 or if it's already at the embassy email the embassy to.reopen it to make corrections. Ask ncv takes forever to respond to email tho I too am waiting to correct errors. But if all else fails just let them know at the I interview. I wouldn't worry about it they just want the correct info.
  7. Has anyone experience or know of anyone who experienced having to correct errors on ds260 during the interview stage? The nvc says once in DQ corrections cant be made and to.write a statement to address the errors and take to the interview or email the embassy. The nvc website says only nvc or the embassy can reopen ds260 for correction but nvc doesnt seem to be of any help in that manner. What happened at the interview when trying to correct errors? Did it cause any delays?
  8. Well i did one and my i130 got approved on July 11th my k3 still doesn't have a decision on it and from what I learned today is because a decision hasnt been made if it it is delaying the mailing if my approved i130 to Nvc. This us what a tier 2 at Nebraska told my friend who is in the same boat. They have answered most k3 in 30 days we have both been with 56 days for a denial on it. So now we are stuck waiting. So auto denial of k3 and proving to be true.
  9. Question what is the tracking number you're waiting for for? And by paperwork you mean the research request is being processed?
  10. When I called uscis this morning I was on hold for 35 min and a guy answered and then hung up. The second time I called it took 28 min. And thanks hopefully you hear from them sooner than later
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