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  1. I was originally thinking that maybe it just updated with every login so have logged in every day since to test if the date updates with every login but nope, still showing Sept 6th. Maybe you're right that it is just to show us the first date we saw updates though. Hang in there corntop! I definitely feel you on the anxiety/restlessness part. Like everyone, I want this over with, preferably before the process even began! 😂 I don't have the option of moving to be with my husband because I have kids from a previous marriage, one of whom has significant health challenges, otherwise I would be long gone already. We're both tired of the whole "see each other for a few days every 4 months" thing and want to be able to move forward as a couple. We'll get there, hopefully sooner rather than later, but in due time!
  2. Same! I've made myself stop checking daily and only allow myself to look once a week, tops. Today when I logged in, our dates changed as well, from July 29th to today's date and yes, the beneficiary is now listed. I'm hoping that means they're looking at our file today!! 🙏🙏
  3. Yep! I just got my letter today. It was sent the day after the text so add one business day plus distance from Chicago to you via snail mail & you'll have when to expect your letter 😉
  4. Priority date (PD) is the date that USCIS officially received your petition
  5. Just got the text...Can't believe how quick that was! We also were assigned an IOE number so hopefully more information becomes available soon about how exactly that process works.
  6. Hello! July filer here. I sent it to the Chicago lockbox July 17, package was received July 19th...they charged my card yesterday so I'm hoping to get a text in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for all of us!
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