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  1. I assume they're guessing because I also assume they will want more information than what's public record. Lots of assumptions 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. I do understand the struggles and issues they're dealing with thanks to our current administration, compounded by the pandemic, but it's been super painful to see everyone else around our date approved and have USCIS move on to as late as 2 months past our date before I stopped checking. Now with the border closures, we haven't seen each other in 6 months and part of me worries we won't be able to ever actually live together. 😥
  3. I wondered about that. If that's the issue, I wish they would just call me in and interview me rather than take their time and "guess." 😕
  4. I filed for my husband 11 months ago, our case was received by USCIS 7/23/2019. We have had NO progress at all, no requests for evidence, nothing. I contacted USCIS & received an email back the next day saying it was "in line to be reviewed by an officer" but when my senator's office contacted them a couple weeks later, they sent the attached email. What does this mean? Is there anything we can do? Or should we continue to sit and wait? Edit to add: neither of us have any criminal background. I was married 12 years ago & did petition for my ex-husband. However, we separated in January of 2016 and were officially divorced Sept of 2017. Could that be the issue?
  5. I got that reply from USCIS 5/21; no movement as of yet but I've requested my senator's office look into the case. We'll see what happens. Hopefully we are all approved soon!!
  6. Yes. 10 months and 9 days since our petition was accepted with NO movement. I submitted an inquiry for outside of normal processing & got a BS "you're in line for review" response. I've filed a request for assistance with my senator's office now. I've taken a break from the forum because I'm impatient, emotional, haven't seen my husband for 6 months & have no idea when I'll be able to again thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic & border closures. Add in that my city is currently burning because police murdered a man in broad daylight....and it's definitely better I'm not online lol
  7. Yep. July 23rd here. 🙁 We had thought that by the end of this year we would be living together. Now we're thinking it will be end of 2021 by the time all is said and done since the Mexican consulate was scheduling interviews out 10+ months BEFORE the pandemic started. Add in that we had to cancel our visit (our flight route was grounded March 20th), we won't be able to celebrate our 1st anniversary together, AND it will be at least another 3 months before we can see each other...my husband is not handling any of this well. I've been attempting to keep both of our spirits up but it's starting to put a strain on my depression. I know you all get it and are equally frustrated so thanks for giving me a minute to vent.
  8. Ugh, I feel you! 16 of the I-130 cases before mine have been approved too....and then they just stopped and jumped to a completely different day of the month. 😑
  9. Our case was "touched" March 20th (the date changed from December 20th to March 20th)... priority date 7/23/2019. No approval to date and the case hasn't been looked at again since March 20th.
  10. You can use USCIS' "Case Status Online" to view other IOE # status. You have to manually change the numbers so you can see the ones around your case. Otherwise, there are apps on both Google Play or the App store for iPhones where you enter your number and it will show you the cases around yours.
  11. I just use USCIS' website. There is a "case status" option. I used to use an app called Case Tracker but my phone is running out of space lol
  12. Nothing for us yet either, our PD is July 23rd & we're at Potomac. We'll just have to continue to be patient and hope to hear something soon!
  13. Gotcha. It's strange because my IOE ends in the 60s but NONE of the I-130 petitions from the 50s forward (following the same string of numbers as mine and just changing the last two) have been approved as of last night and we all have the same PD of July 23rd. I'm at Potomac, not sure if the other IOE cases are as well.
  14. Just curious....What part of the IOE do you mean by 51...56, etc? The last numbers?
  15. I'm so happy to see all these Potomac approvals....and at the same time am super confused cuz they completely skipped our date. We got an update on March 20th but nothing more has happened. It's been 8 months and 5 days 😭
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