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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to know what they do at custom and border patrol for an ir1 spouse visa. What do they ask and what do they do? Thanks
  2. Hi. I want to know on my husbands ir1 visa what does annotation and one star mean?
  3. Hi. I want to know on my husbands ir1 visa what does annotation and one star mean?
  4. Thanks it’s just really upsetting. The medical and police check aren’t exactly the easiest things to do here. So I don’t get why they would ask for it if it was still in AP. That’s why I’m so frustrated. Plus they are totally ignoring me
  5. Yeah I’m super frustrated. We haven’t gotten the visa. They just asked for that stuff to be redone and his passport. So I don’t get it. It’s totally unfair. Ten months is a lot.
  6. He had his interview last August. Was put in AP since then. In May they asked to redo medical police and send in passport. So it’s just confusing. The guidelines are followed it’s a facility that one does the medical as said by embassy.
  7. Yeah my anxiety is on high right now. I don’t know what to do. And he redid the medical exam lol. Almost two months now. Why would they ask for it again if they were going to sideline it?? Also so does the visa expire with medical exam?
  8. I have emailed them many times. No responses. Their immigrant visa section doesn’t have a number and they don’t take calls
  9. I understand but why bother asking him to redo eveything and send his passport. They can’t take it forever lol
  10. Yeah but why did they ask him to redo medical. It isn’t exactly easy and it expires...
  11. Hello. I am an American citizen. My husbands interview was last August. He was put under AP. The embassy asked him to redo the medical police check and send his passport. That was a month ago. They still haven’t sent anything and the ceac website is updated with today’s date AP. I don’t get this. Super frustrating. Any help or ideas?
  12. Hi everyone. So they asked him to redo his medical police check and send in his passport. So it’s almost been two months since he redid his medical. We sent everything in start of May. They haven’t sent us anything back. I emailed them a few days ago they never replied but the CEAC website still says AP. I don’t get it...I’m so upset
  13. When my husband gets his visa (cr1) and I’m the American citizen. Do I have to travel with him to the United stages or can he come alone?
  14. When he gets his visa do I have to travel to the USA with him? Or can he come alone?
  15. The paper didn’t even have a seal or a form number. It was just a word document with the information you are talking about. 
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