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  1. Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted and sorry if this isn't in the right forum. My husband has been here in the states for over 2 months now and has yet to receive his green card. He's worried because other people that he has spoken with who also came from Morocco have gotten theirs within 2 months or less. We thought since he got an SSN card like a week after arriving that the green card would come fairly quickly as well. Of course we called USCIS and all they could tell us is "Wait". Anyone else still waiting a while? I know they said it can take up to 120 days from the time you arrive in the US but just wondering... thanks in advance
  2. I'll tell you ours. Filed petition May 2018- got petition approval 6 months later (Texas Service Center). Took NVC a little more than a month to actually receive our petition. Once received , we waited about 6 weeks for case number. Got case complete in 10 days. Got interview date a month after case complete. Approved at interview. Went into AP 3 days after interview. I was terrified he'd be in AP for a long time but he was out of it a week later and ceac changed to "ISSUED". He received visa in hand 12 days later. Husband is arriving to USA tomorrow (inshallah) so that we may start our lives together. I have also just discovered I am expecting so it's quite a lot of life changes happening for both of us at one time.
  3. Every case is different. We did cr1 too. My husband's status was in "Ready" for 2 days then "Administrative Processing" for one week..it took almost 2 weeks from the date the visa was issued for him to be able to pick it up.
  4. I don't think that traveldocs website is 100% accurate all the time. My husband picked up his visa yesterday morning and that site never updated. We only knew the passport was available to be picked it up when he got a text message from the courier Aramex.
  5. Well I spoke with a couple of other Moroccans who came over recently on CR1s and they also had this at the end of their passport number. They had no problem entering the US.
  6. Copy and pasted from the I-864EZ instructions page on USCIS website: You may use Form I-864EZ if ALL the following conditions apply: 1. You are the person who filed or is filing Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for a relative being sponsored; 2. The relative you are sponsoring is the only person listed on Form I-130; and 3. The income you are using to qualify is based entirely on your salary or pension and is shown on one or more Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W-2s provided by your employers or former employers. I met these qualifications so I used the form and it was accepted with no problem.
  7. My husband picked up his passport today finally. I noticed his passport # printed on the visa is correct but it has a "1” at the end when his passport number does not end in a 1. Now at the bottom of his passport it does end in a 1 but not at the top where the rest of his bio info is. I'm worried that this was some typo and he's gonna have to have them reprint the visa. Any insight? Thanks.
  8. I see. Well I hope my husband's visa is in the passport regardless...
  9. My husband's passport was finally sent to Aramex today (hamdolilah!) but NOW I'm concerned because the tracker said it came from Fairfax VA. All the other screenshots I've seen of other people's trackers have shown their passport just going from Casablanca (consulate) to Casablanca (aramex). Any idea why my husband's passport would've had to go to Virginia, USA first?
  10. It just means the congressman received your privacy release form and your request for them to inquire with the consulate in Morocco about your case. He/they will contact you once they receive an answer from the consulate regarding your case.
  11. It was allegedly printed 10 days ago. The only way to check the status is on CEAC and all it says is "Issued" then the paragraph about the visa being printed and will be delivered or available for pick up "soon". I think things have changed since you went through this process because people cant pick up their passports at the Casa embassy anymore. Only at Aramex. When he calls Aramex they just tell him the Aramex app will notify him when its in transit from the consulate to Aramex. I'm just wondering if it was printed 10 days ago, why is it STILL at the consulate? Did someone lose it? Is it sitting on someone's desk? My husband talked with a woman on FB who's mothers visa was printed the same day and they received her passport I think the following Monday. I just don't understand.........
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