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  1. Yeah .. it really does suck but I suppose it’s better than still saying “case received”
  2. So I got an update today that we were mailed an RFE today.. 😬😬 old site March 19th new site March 23rd
  3. How do you go about doing this?
  4. Good to know considering you and I have the same exact dates, old and new! 😊
  5. Does anybody know what the packet 3 or 4 is for Riyadh? Copy of it? What it looks like?
  6. Oh ok.. well maybe so need to check to see if they did.. do you have information to the rest of my post?
  7. Can someone help me out.. if I am using a cosponsor and that person is retired therefore doesn’t file taxes on retirement how or what would they use to send as there income proof if they don’t have any tax returns ... also I will have to get my past tax returns and was wondering how long it takes to get your tax returns from the irs? I also have my w-2s from the past few years so I can just make copies of those right? And with currently being unemployed i won’t need any of the employer items correct just mark unemployed on the I-134? Thanks!!
  8. Thank you so much for your information.. I just want to clarify it would make more sense to file the I-765 and the I-485 together as you mentioned in the second option once the fiancé gets to America right? Because from what I am understanding only filing I-765 and getting 90 days validity would be kinda pointless because what would you do after the 90 days is up ya know?
  9. Ohhh.. so basically it only applies to people that may request a work visa only for example someone trying to come over here to work not to get married? The work permit that a fiance would recieve after getting married would be different from the work visa? Sorry I’m all new to this immigration stuff and what’s going on with it lol
  10. That is such a relief!! My fiancé was telling me about it that his friend had seen or heard about it and was causing him not to get a job so he went back to Saudi Arabia ... I didn’t understand it myself and it didn’t make much sense but I just figured I would try to find out about it... it wouldn’t make any sense at all with all the people coming into America and having to wait what 10 years lol for citizenship or whatever it is to actually start a job
  11. So I have heard that with some new law apparently that is making it really hard almost impossible for people to get a job/hired in the U.S. now ... that employers have to show that there is no U.S. Citizen qualified to fill the position? 🙄😒🤔 something about not being able to work until you are a citizen? Has anyone heard anything about this? This terrifies me.. if it is true, how are any of the fiancés coming into America going to find jobs!
  12. Hey, silent lurker here been on this forum and past months just to stay connected and “sane” lol we are march filers and hoping everybody starts seeing approvals very soon (fingers crossed) actually everything crossed lol .. wondering about the I134 with our embassy it says may be requested? Not sure if we would need it or not.. 🙄 if so I would be using a cosponsor and they are retired so there income is not taxed .. idk how or what documents they could send with the form.. help?