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  1. thats good news i hope we get the visas too i had my interview in abudhabi embassy
  2. hi how long has she been in administrative processing and what country is she from
  3. visa issuance statics is out unfortunately the last 2 months no cr1 somalian nationality has been issued
  4. that seems a good sign how long have u been in administrative processing i hope you get a visa atleast we will be happy for someone who has been through this struggle
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2019/05/16/trump-immigration-plan-may-throw-4-million-people-off-immigrant-waiting-lists/amp/?fbclid=IwAR3Iw0kNSe_iNvqKOXX-1El8_KG6WInoBf4ropeiY8BN3l22JwQD5cl-kEk will we even get the visa >????
  6. hi guys i don't know if this is a good news i thought to not share then again thought of sharing it there was no update for the last 9 months on my case a complete 9 months i send an inquiriy regarding on my visa in uae consulate i had an email that got answered saying we will contact you soon as there is any update until that time any emails solely for status updates will not be answered .... and this was the first time that wasn't an automtically reply ... and when i checked ceac today morning it says last update was today ... so what do you guys think am a somalian passport holder cr1 incase you guys are wondering
  7. no updates since they received it has been 8 months not even 1 update i have seen
  8. if you don't mind me asking what about the somalians are their visas being issued do you have any information of that please do share with us ..thank you
  9. hello everyone am on my 7th month in administrative process i would like to know if its a good idea to hire a lawyer or it can cause a problem please if you share your suggesstion will be helpful
  10. thank you for the response ... and we didnt asked anyone to check our case neither senato or local representive mostly what i hear is no one can do anything about if its in administrative process thats why we didn't bother doing any of that we are just waiting.. last time i called was nov where i called the council where it is in dubai they said on the phone we don't know anything its in administrative process all i need to do is wait thats what am doing just waiting
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