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  1. am stuck in the same situation myself i am a green card holder that came for a visit to dubai i wanted to travel but i don't know if we can go through border control without a visa please share if you get any news from the embassy
  2. hi i just would like to reassure you just mentioned that you travelled without no issue am actually a green card holder and came for a visit to dubai the embassy told me that i can travel to usa through uk and what am worried my question is do i need a visa to travel from uk or my green card is enough to show them
  3. hi am green card holder too i guess i got the same email from the embassy that is saying i can travel to usa through uk and i just realized i won't able to go through border control without a visa i am just stuck here in dubai
  4. hi i would like to ask i have received   green card i wanted to return to home before it reaches 6 months i am based in dubai and i don't want my resident visa to expire i would like to know what all is needed  so that i  could travel ..

  5. hi everyone i need a help i have been told that i have to submit my medical to the embassy and resubmit the ds 260 do you know anyone who has resubmitted the ds 260 the attorney who helped me back then isn't woriking anymore so i need to know what to do and how to resubmit the ds 260 please reply me back
  6. hi guys i want to ask this question what do they mean by saying resubmit the ds 260 do i have it to do online again;;;
  7. am in my 14 month being administrative processing and my visa is cr1 i had my interview in abudhabi embassy
  8. 15 aug today morning i saw the difference the last one month i was checking bout the / and or but today i have since the changes and it changed from / to or
  9. hi salhasl could you give us a short note on this its too long .... will they start be issuing visa is almost my 13 month on administrative processing
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