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  1. Thank you! I need to apply for a replacement card which will take around 3-8 months :(( But I should be able to get a stamp on my passport and travel internationally
  2. Hi guys, So I received my 10 year GC today! however it still has my maiden name - I used my maiden name for applications, and at the interview, I asked the officer if I can have my new last name on the card, he said yes, and wrote down my name last name on my 485 form... Now, I don't know if it counts as USCIS's mistake or not when I request a new card
  3. received approval notices today in mail for 485 and 130!
  4. you will have your interview in about 5 weeks! and if the case got approved, it will take 2 weeks to receive the card:)!
  5. Thank you!! you will get it soon as well!!
  6. The interview was on May 29th! just this morning my status became 'New Card is being produced'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just had my interview 2 days ago in Newark, and got the same letter, and the online status still stuck at 'interview was scheduled' Based on your timeline, I should hear something next week!
  8. Hi guys, I had my interview 2 days ago, the officer was very friendly, and when we entered his office, he said it will be quick and painless. He said I submitted more than enough documents. I gave him our 2018 tax return. I had 2 huge folders with me, and 3 huge albums (our wedding photos, pre-wedding photography, and our trips). He kept 3 photos. He then just asked about how we met, proposal, wedding, then went through the 485 form, followed by Yes/No questions. The interview was smooth, it did last around 40 minutes (most of the time was just casual conversation). In the end, he gave me a letter saying that they can not complete my case at the moment, and my case is held for review. I am not worried about my case as we are married for years, have property together, and our lives are basically bonded through every single thing. Some people got a status update for approval the same day or next day, it has been 2 days now, my status is still 'interview was scheduled', I am just really anxious:(
  9. Hi guys, My interview is next week! I just wanted to ask if I need to re-print all the forms again and bring with me. Although on the letter it says - 'Unless submitted'. Should I still bring them with me just in case? Thank you!
  10. Thank you for your reply! and congrats on getting the card mailed!!!
  11. Hi guys! I just got back from a 3-week overseas trip, and I entered in JFK. When we were at the border control, I went to the US citizen line with my husband. I showed my combo card to the officer, and he told my husband to pick up the luggage and told me to follow him. So I went to another room with him, and only waited there for like 15 minutes, the only question the senior officer asked me is if I had any food with me... It was a really fast and painless experience. My interview is in 2 weeks, and on the letter, it says the spouse has to bring a birth certificate, my husband lost his original birth certificate, he only has a copy, can we go to the interview with the copy and a notarized letter explaining how he lost the original birth certificate? Thank you!
  12. Hi guys, I called USCIS today to get the date for my AOS interview. L2 officer called back, my interview is scheduled for May 29th, Neward, NJ My timeline: Sent package out on August 27th, 2018 Bio appointment: October 1st, 2018 Scheduled for an Interview: January 9th, 2019 The interview was scheduled: April 15th, 2019 Interview date: May 29th, 2019
  13. Thank you! it is roughly about 5 weeks, I think I will be fine, hopefully...
  14. Congrats!!! Could you please let me know when did you receive the notification that the interview was scheduled? Mine was scheduled yesterday (waiting for the mail). I am leaving tomorrow and flying back to the states on May 12th! just want to make sure if I don't need to reschedule my flight tickets lol
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