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  1. Approved 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  2. We have changed to Ready. What does Ready 01 and Ready 02 mean
  3. Our status is still in the NVC case of December 6 😭
  4. Our number is assigned on December 6th. We are still in NVC. What to do ? Wait or call there? Is there anyone waiting for sending to the embassy for so long?
  5. Can I fill in DC 160 from the USA instead of my bride?
  6. Please follow the instructions you received from the National Visa Center (NVC) that list the six steps you must take before NVC can schedule your visa interview appointment. This includes submitting to NVC various fees, forms and documents. Once NVC has received all the required items, they will let you know if anything is missing or incomplete. You can also find these instructions online at http://nvc.state.gov (English) and http://nvc.state.gov/espanol (Spanish). You will find contact information for NVC at http://nvc.state.gov/ask ?????????
  7. Скажите нам, что мы получили номер 6 декабря. может быть, мы не сделали что-то статус в нвц. Может быть, вам нужно отправить документы туда? Я в панике. Ты пишешь при проверке статуса каких-то 6 шагов ????
  8. thank you very much for the information
  9. We got your case number. 12/06/2018. What now? What are our actions?
  10. Our case was received by NVC 11/21/18, NOA2 11/8 hope that we will get a number soon
  11. Thanks for the answer. I think, too, in early December. Not earlier