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  1. Hello everyone!! I am filling out my I-485 form. I work online as an english teacher to chinese children. I receive my paychecks through my south africa bank account and then transfer to american. for most current working would it be okay to say that I am presently still working for the company? Since it's online and still paying taxes in SA. Any have a similar situation and have any advice?
  2. @Mel & Llew Great!! Is it Mel or Llew coming ? Thank you, I've added it in! Happy to have someone else going through the same process there! See one of you then!
  3. Hello everyone ! My appointment is on thursday 13 June at 1pm!! So excited ! Anyone else have the same day? This is my list, please anyone feel free to comment if I need to add anything - two 5 x 5 cm photos - passport (all that I've been issued ) - ds 160 confirmation page - PCC - UBC - I-134, supporting evidence: letter from the bank, letter from employer, tax transcripts 2016-2018, last 3 paychecks - proof of payment $265 - photos, screenshots of facebook posts, whatsapp messages, skype calls/messages and facebook messenger from after we sent the I-129f in August 2018 until now. I did two screenshots from each month. - copies of letter stamps - copies of 4 emails - copies of all flights ( I've made two trips to the US) - copy of complete I-129f - LOI from both of us with more current dates - copy of the NOA2 - letter with case number from NVC Thank you!!
  4. whohahahahha!!! Congrats!!
  5. Hello yes me too!!! Maybe it's the load shedding causing issues? I'm so ready to get mine scheduled!
  6. Hello my fiance and I received P3 from the SA Consulate in Johannesburg and I am trying to book an appointment for an interview however, it keeps saying to check back in a few days, does anyone know how often they post new dates?
  7. Hello, anyone know how much at least there should be for Part 3 question 3 (savings and checking accounts) and 4 (personal property) for I-134 form? Also, what is considered personal property? My fiance definitely earns more than the $20k per year. Please advise for this section?
  8. Hi I didn't say anything for 38 since I wasn't currently in the US. I supplied all my documents above listed and had no problem. they actually approved us earlier than expected. They usually say 6 months until first approval but ours only took 4.5 months. NVC case number took longer than expected but came right at the 6 weeks. I'm going to bring all of it to my interview so will let you know what they say there.
  9. I flew to the US on my Greek Passport in December. I have dual citizenship, SA and Greek. The lady just asked me where I was going and then told me to do the fingerprints. Huge relief!! Felt a lot more confident now after the approval too. I am going again in April, giving a 2 month break in between. Any advice? I have ESTA as well.
  10. Hello!! Just a quick question for those who have received a RFE - did you receive a letter by mail, email, text ? We didn't receive our NOA1 letter by mail not sure if it got lost or not, but they emailed and send a text to confirm they had received the petition.
  11. Hello all! I was in the US on a student visa for 7 years until March 2018. Reaching out to see if anyone has lived in the US for 6 or more months and needed to get a police certificate from there or any other country they were living in previously ? OR Do I just need to get my South African police certificate?
  12. Hi @runninggirl how did your travels go in August on ESTA? I have a Greek Passport and have just been approved for ESTA and planning to go to the US in December.
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