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  1. hey! my fiance and i working on the documents for the interview, and now we working on the i-134 affidavit of support. shes a student and shes not making money, and we gonna use her father as an co-sponsor he is a self-employed, so the question is what forms and documents he need to provide? i know its bit diffrent for self-employed. IRS transcripts? tex returns? and how many years back? (whats the diffrence between the transcripts and the tax returns?) w2? 1099? a letter from him saying he willing to sponsor me? any passport copies? birth certificate? i will appreciate any help thank you guys!
  2. hey thank you! i dont see that they said it not allowed or they allowing it there is a way to know? what do you suggest?
  3. hey guys. we preparing our documents for the interview and we preparing right now the I-134, Affidavit of Support. my fiance is a student and she's not making any money so we gonna use her dad as a co-sponsor. im from israel, the consulate will accept that? its ok? like to use a co sponsor. we are in the consulate in jerusalem, israel. im bit worried about that. any help will be good thank you very much!! @Greenbaum do you know something about that? ill appreciate your help!
  4. Hey guys, my post office sends pictures of the mail before it is delivered. i don’t have it in my hands yet, but i see its is only 1 page inside the envelope thats good right? RFE are multiple pages? Our NOA1 is: 08-28-18
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