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  1. My laughing reaction was mostly sarcastic since they don’t have a emoji that’s laughing and crying at the same time!!! (I’m a Nebraska filer too!)
  2. It usually just means that your case was moved from one pile to another. I’m an August filer and it says that mine was updated 2/17/19, but haven’t heard anything. I googled the last updated meanings and the consensus is that it’s not anything big, just small internal movements. The wait continues.
  3. My timeline has been pushed to mid-June for estimated approval date. Nebraska isn’t moving at all and still on April and May cases. Just want to cry!
  4. Be strong!!! They’ll see the truth. I’m so sorry it is taking so long! One day at a time. Only 20 more days now. The days will fly by. Keep up your faith! You’ll be with your husband soon!
  5. Created a login to check my case last updated. Last updated September 14, 2018. I’m an August filer. My petition hasn’t been touched since then. I know what this update was - I am living overseas and even though my name is on the mailbox in the USA, the USPS returned my NOA1. A copy went to my lawyer which is how I knew they got my application and routed to Nebraska. Sad day. Was hoping for a more recent update. Oh well. My estimated approval now sits around May 30. Still a while to wait. My 14 year old son leaves on Tuesday to go to stay with his dad while we wait it out here. He told me if we don’t get approved that he wants to continue to live in the USA with his dad while my husband and I stay here. He’s been living overseas with me the last 7 years and I guess he’s just wanting to be a normal kid in school. Too many emotions to process and feeling defeated.
  6. Sadly, not all consulates accept direct filing if we lived in Thailand we could have, but Cambodia doesn’t allow it. We tried.
  7. Last night my husband said to me, Jess, why don’t we just stay here instead of waiting and stressing and paying tons of money? We’re already happy together, maybe we don’t need to go there and find another answer. *sighhhhhh* The stress is getting to both of us. Side note - this is the second time that we’ve filed. We filed before we were married under a Fiancé visa and we decided to withdraw and just stay in Cambodia. Then my business in the USA went downhill and we decided that maybe we should file again and take care of it.
  8. Congratulations to all of the Potomac filers!!! Nebraska is now estimating May 6-10, 2019. (Emailed my attorney, nothing we can do but sit and wait - sad day) PD 8/15/18 I hope the USCIS gods hear us and balance some of the workload so that we all have a chance!
  9. I’m sitting here discouraged watching all of the Potomac filers get their approvals and yet we wait in the dark for almost double the amount of time that they wait. August filer, now saying late May- early June. I’m currently living overseas with my husband. I’ve been here for 7 years, but my business in the USA is falling apart and I need to go rescue it. The wait is excruciating! I wish they would just balance the workload so that all of us have a chance to be approved within a normal period of time!
  10. Thanks! I’ve been living overseas for 7 years, so I’m with my husband. Not every country has direct consular filing, so it’s just a long waiting game. If I lived in Bangkok instead of Phnom Penh, we could completely bypass the USCIS. I do feel that they should balance the workload though, it’s simply unfair for some to wait 4-5 months and others 8 or 9 for the exact same paperwork just because of the luck of their routing.
  11. Sadly, Nebraska, where my application is sitting, is now saying estimated approval times in May 2019 boohoo
  12. Thank you for creating this thread. Married 4/10/18 Sent 8/13/2018 to Chicago Lockbox Received 8/15/2018 NOA1 received 8/20/2018 with priority date of 8/15/2018 in Nebraska Service Center.