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  1. My bad, I've been meaning to do my timeline, but forgot. I'll do it asap! Most of this is our own fault, though. Our wedding plans feel through due to my aunt getting sick back home, so we didn't get married until our 90 days were almost up. Then my husband insisted we use a lawyer for our AOS, but we was horrible and took his sweet time on everything, so we fired him. All of this added several months to our process. I do feel like USCIS is working slower and becoming stricter, through. We had absolutely no problems during our K1 process, but they've been giving us a hard time now. They're pretty vague with their RFEs, they said there was no birth certificate when clearly there was, but we figured it may be due to the fact that the stamp on the copy we sent was barely noticeable, so we did a new copy of my birth certificate with a much better stamp. Then they said that my husband didn't meet the requirements for being my sponsor when he makes much more than what's required, so we sent a new form (affidavit of support) with additional evidence. Again, I believe this could have been avoided if we had done the paperwork ourselves, but my husband insisted we use a lawyer. And thanks! It's very exciting 🥰
  2. Ugh, time is going so slooooowly right now. USCIS received our response to their AOS RFE on October 16th so we're just waiting. After almost a year in the US I'm still not able to work due to all the problems with our old lawyer, delaying our AOS for months and months. And my green card is even farther away 😔 On a good note, my husband and I will be closing on our first house around Christmas. It's such a cute little house that reminds me of home and the mortgage is a lot cheaper than paying rent. This has been but a distant dream of ours for six years but now it's finally happening!!
  3. Does the one you order from borger.dk have a signature and stamp?
  4. We've been talking back and forth with our lawyer and it seems that it may be due to the fact that the stamp on the copy of my birth cert. we sent was very faint. It seems that the government is getting more strict by the day, and the stamp/signature is a required piece. I really hope that's the case, it has been frustrating the hell out of me because the only other "real" official thing I have is the slip my parents received from the hospital a couple of days after I was born, and it only has my mother's name and nothing else, cause I wasn't named yet.. About the support. Our lawyer said that the requests have been way over the top recently, and we're getting caught in the hot topic at USCIS. My husband made way more than what is required, but we sent tax returns and W-2s from the past three years, and they may have looked at his old ones and seen that his income wasn't as much back then, so they may be afraid that his income is fluctuating (even though it has only increased over the years, isn't that a good thing??). We're both relatively young and my husband only graduated electrical school this year. I don't think we're going to add a sponsor because he makes way more than enough, so we're going to add a more detailed employment letter from his company stating his salary, how many hours he usually works a week, the nature of his job etc. Plus a good amount of pay stubs. So they can see that his income is steady and only increasing. If your husband makes a bit over the required amount, maybe now is a good time to try and sort out a joint sponsor or assets, just in case they're going to be as strict with you guys as they are with us. Maybe you won't even need it, but it's way better to be prepared. Thank you for responding, and best of luck to you and your husband too!
  5. Does anyone know if there is such thing as a "long form birth certificate" in Denmark?
  6. Hi guys, long time no see. Whoa, this journey has been such a rollercoaster. The K1 process was incredibly easy and painless, but ever since I came to the US, there have been so many downs. My husband insisted we use a lawyer for our AOS even though I was confident we were able to do it ourselves. The first lawyer, we had to fire and fight to get our money back, so because of that, we were set back at least a couple of months. We finally submitted our paperwork with our "old lawyer" (who is really expensive but did our K1 perfectly) and got a receipt in the beginning of July. Today we just got an RFE that makes absolutely no sense. First point is that my husband doesn't make enough to support me and the household size. My husband made 55.000 last year, so even including the people that we live with (his brother, his wife and son) it would still be enough. We included all tax returns and W-2s for the past three years. Next point is that my proof of birth is insufficient. I went to the priest who baptised me and got the document named "baptism and birth certificate". It has my full name, date and place of birth and parents' names. It has the English translation next to the Danish text and it's signed with a signature and stamp. It has little watermarks in the paper itself. I don't even know if any other forms of documents exist in Denmark and both this and the same affidavit of support was used in my K1 application with no problems or RFEs. The last point is that the affidavit of support was "not from the petitioning sponsor". What does that even mean? Everything was signed with my husband's name and information. I just don't understand what's going on, I'm actually scared. I'm just sitting here, not being able to work, not being able to drive anywhere, and now everything is put on hold. And ever since moving here, my aunt came down with a serious case of meningitis and my grandma has cancer, so needless to say I'm not in the best place. This just adds to the pile of stress I have on my shoulders. Sorry for venting.
  7. So I got my visa several weeks ago, and at the interview, they said they'd return all my original papers like birth certificate etc. But the package only contained my passport and the sealed envelope I'm not allowed to open. Could they be inside it?
  8. Thank you!! And of course, you may! We filed in early January, NOA2 was July 13th. I received the checklist a month after. I had my medical September 20th and I purposely scheduled my interview a little later than necessary because I still hadn't received the papers I needed for AOF from my fiance. The entire process went very smoothly for us and the interview as well, I was scheduled for 10.00 am. but I actually walked out from there 09.55! Everyone was nice and happy for us! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! All the best of luck to you and thanks again! 😁
  9. "You're approved, I hope you have a wonderful life together." ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. Thank you for the very useful info! I was thinking about buying a ticket online for Flygbussarna to Frihemsplan and then just take one of the local buses that stop really close to my hotel. Cheap and seems easy as well
  11. I'm Danish but I know those buns, and out of anything I wouldn't think that's what a foreigner would miss lol!! My fiance hates marzipan! 😜 And I honestly thought bread was a prohibited item, but if it's not I may as well stuff my suitcase with rye bread instead of clothes when I leave! On a side note, I have my interview on Thursday, going to Stockholm tomorrow. And I'm already feeling really nervous 😓 Does anyone know what the absolute easiest way to get from Arlanda Airport to Östermalm is? Is Uber a thing in Sweden?
  12. Hey guys, quick question. I just scheduled my interview and when filling out the address for them to mail back the original documents (and hopefully passport with a visa!) it said it had to be a Swedish address. Of course, I just did my Danish address. Do I have to talk to them to make sure I get my documents back?
  13. Thanks for the replies, guys! I feel much better now 😁 I love the American people and I'm excited to finally be with my soon to be husband for good. But going from being a "tourist" to actually living there is a completely different thing, so that's going to be interesting, lol.
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