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  1. Folks - I am officially outside of normal processing timeline at Potomac Center. Refer my I751 timeline in signature below. I opened a Service Request yesterday and Officer told me to expect hearing back within 30 days. Question - I am thinking to send a request of help to my congressperson. Do you think that will help? and what do I write in the message? The congressperson's doesn't allow to add attachments. I was thinking to send a screenshot of USCIS website showing case outside of normal processing timeline.
  2. I will be out of normal processing time on or after Jan 10 (tomorrow). Hoping they dont change the estimated time again as they have been extending it every time I plan to open a service request. It was initially 14 to 15 months then 15 to 16 months then 15 to 16.5 months and now its 15 to 17 months. Lets see what it shows tomorrow.
  3. My extension letter hits 17 months on the 10th Jan. So I called USCIS. Per the customer rep, the PD doesnt mean anything for I751 because it is not a visa. With that said, he didnt tell me how soon or how late will my case be reviewed and processed. Also he told me to call back when I am within a month of 18 months extension expiration to schedule a stamping in my passport for international travels.
  4. What month cases is Houston F.O working on now? I am Aug 2019 filer and waiting on interview notice.
  5. Good for you. I have similar timeline but no updates yet. Tho I applied in early Aug. Do you have a pending N400 application?
  6. Do you have a pending N400? meaning did you apply for Citizenship while awaiting I751 approval?
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