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  1. Did you get approval for 10 year green card.
  2. hello

    did any one got approved for january 2018 in vermont office.

  3. Which office did you apply?
  4. Hi guys, i have one question. If you have 10 year green card and if you get married to someone outside US. Is it possible that you can bring them US with you if you live certain month with that guy and his country. Or another wzy to bring them with you.
  5. Reshma


    you mean if i apply for N400 then it won't be another process. when they open my i751 file they will approve N400 also. i am little confuse.
  6. Reshma


    they are taking so long to process it. it is been year since i applied and i am still waiting. i do not have got any response
  7. Reshma


    for vermont offfice
  8. Do you guys have any updated about removing condition from green card. which month are they processing yet.