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  1. If check was cashed then it can come any day now give 3-5 working days! Good luck
  2. Hey! To recieve an noa wait at least 3-4 weeks. My green card expired but as long as you have sent your package you should be fine !! My i751 was rejected twice due to an error and my green card was expired too so dont stress. Good luck
  3. I sent my package on 8/6 and was recieved at 8/7.i call nearly everyday but they said I have too wait.. and they check with my alien number but nothing on file. When did you send yours ?
  4. Where did u send your application csc or vsc? And when
  5. Congratulations guys!! I like it when I read someone got their noa makes me happy and gives me patience... I should be around the corner. Hopefully Sent on 8/6 Recieved 8/7 Still nothing
  6. Should we be worried is that normal ? =/ and I hope the public holiday doesnt delay it more. I'm pregnant and have too visit my mum who's sick diff country ! Come on NOA😔😭🙏
  7. Sameeee 😭😭😭😭I called uscis and I'm not even on the system. Are u ?
  8. This waiting game is very hard... I call uscis everyday and my application is not even on the system ? Is that normal? =/ praying for my noa Right behind you! 8/6
  9. application sent date 8/6 received 8/7 cheque not cashed and no noa
  10. Omg so happy to read this ! I sent mine on the 6 so fingers crossed !!!
  11. Hi !! Any update ?? Noa ? Did you get a stamp? I went to get a stamp but they refused because I did not have the noa. I've sent mine out on the 6th, was received and signed on the 7th and still nothing.
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