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Immigration Timeline & Photos

  1. So I just tried to schedule an Infopass appointment at the USCIS field offices servicing our area (Charlotte, NC and Arlington , VA) and neither of them accept walk-ins or appointments for stamps. Probably has something to do with the shutdown?? Does anyone know if I can just schedule an appointment in any office, even one outside my area?
  2. I received it, but it's about to expire in 3 months! I received it, but it's about to expire in 3 months!
  3. Hi all! Last year I applied to remove the conditions on my residency. Apart from the receipt of the application and the extension of my residency for a year, I haven't heard back from USCIS since. The one-year extension I got is expiring in 3 months and I am not sure what to file for next. Do I file for another application to extend the extension? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hi friends! In 2016 I filed for a Report of Marriage and used that to renew my passport. I just found out I needed to file a Report of Birth for my daughter. One of the requirements to do this is a Report of Marriage. I'd already forgotten if I gave this copy to the consulate when I renewed my passport- I don't have any other copy of it, I looked everywhere and concluded that the consulate must have taken it. My question is: Do I need to file another ROM so I can file an ROB?> THANKS!!!
  5. Thank you Hank. No I didn't do a ROB and obtain a Philippine passport- I was hoping to do this while in the Philippines. (Is this possible?) No special requirements needed for the BB stamp?
  6. I am a Filipino citizen but my baby was born here so she is a US citizen. We are visiting the Philippines in November 2018 and plan to stay until January 2019. Can she stay in the country for more than 30 days or does she need a visa? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)