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  1. Hi I just want to ask if it’s true that we don’t necessarily need to provide pictures ,call logs or remittance receipts in our package according to Rapidvisa? They said that I just need those on my interview day at the US Embassy.
  2. About the third party affidavit sir how many do you think we need to provide ?
  3. Hi guys! I just want to ask if do we need to send original copy of our document like marriage contract or birth certificate to uscis? And can we add screenshots, call logs and pictures together with our first package to prove our bonifide marriage? Like how much do we need for that?
  4. Even we don’t have joint bank account or we haven’t travel town of the country yet but we did out of town trips.
  5. I just want to ask if my husband and I are qualified for CR1 visa application even we just got married for 2 months ago? But we known each other for 2 years now and he visited me thrice already.
  6. What is exactly the Rapidvisa can do for the visa Application then ? Coz I thought they can prepare all the forms for us and all we have to do it to sign every forms that needs our signature.
  7. Thanks . Coz my husband is thinking to hire rapidvisa ph to do all the paperworks for us so he thought me doing the visa process on my own is fine.
  8. Hi I just want to ask if I can process my cr1 visa here in ph even I’m just the beneficiary of my petitioner husband since I have all the requirements needed for the application.
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