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  1. Hello and congrats for the weddingl! I am also in California preparing the AOS packet while waiting for my Social security card to arrive (it takes soooo long). Does anyone know if i need to have a social security number to fill out for AOS? Also, i was wondering, do we need to submit evidence of an ongoing relationship (like we did for K1 visa) ?
  2. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Ours is in transit too!
  3. thanks so much for these info! Quick question, do you remember if you got your penal record (poiniko mitroo) from a police department or the Ministry of Justice ? I got mine from the Ministry of justice, and as you also said it was marked as Juridicial use. They stated that this is the official place to get these records but now i am wondering if that is true.
  4. Hi guys! I ve now received my NOA2 and waiting for NVC to receive our case and get contacted by the embassy. thanks to visajourney, i managed to find the list of documents the Greek embassy (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VFUSaOoUMesBn8OqHmSdY7TEje6aQuW0/view?usp=sharing) will require and started preparing them. I am a bit stressed out though since most of them will take a while to obtain. Did you guys had to get any police records from countries you stayed for more than 6 months? And if so, did you translate those? Also, they are asking for W2s for the past 3 years along with "tax documents". Since there is not a W2 form in Greece, what did you submit? thanks in advance for your replies
  5. Hi everyone! i am so excited to finally be here We have received our NOA2 - dated October 1st, and we are now waiting for a NVC case number. Do you think we should go ahead and fill the DS-160 form just to save some time? From what i ve read, the NVC number is not needed to fill out the form. Do you think its a good idea or will it mess things up in the embassy?
  6. We just got approved too!!!!!! Cannot believe it!!! After so long, finally our approval is here (NOA1 15th of Feb)! We found out after calling the USCIS just an hour ago. We havent received any email or letter. The old website still says " Request for evidence was received", while the new wesbite has no updates. Our RFE got approved within a 1 week. A tier 2 agent explained that when an RFE is issued, the application is put on hold, however, time still counts. When we received the RFE we were already outside normal processing times, and they are always trying to close older cases first.So when they received our RFE , and since our case was really old, they had to work on it first even though there are other RFEs received earlier. That is , according to this agent, the reason some RFEs are getting approved really fast, while others have to wait longer. For all of you still waiting to hear something, may the force be with you.. Keep us updated!
  7. @Kalea and @giorgis thank you soooo much for your replies! Its pretty helpful to know there are people that went through the same process and experienced the same issues. Regarding document translations, i take your advice and will translate my birth certification to Metafrastiki Ypiresia (have to get an apostille stamp first). I am glad to hear it only takes a few weeks/1 month for the embassy to contact me for an interview, since the whole process has taken so long so far (dont know if you knew, but the k1 visa timings have been doubled in the last 6 months). Glad to hear that embassy interviews are fairly easy, as long as you are prepared. No more questions for you at this stage Unless you have an advice for me. Otherwise, i will bug you again in a few dates when i hopefully have my NOA2 ! Thanks again , your help is much appreciated!
  8. I am not sure if you have already finished the process and you are in the US, but fingers crossed!! Since you have already passed that step, i thought i might ask you a few questions( i am still waiting for my NOA2 but i want to plan ahead) Did you get an official translation of your birth certificate (from the "Metafrastiki yphresia")? Did you have to do that or could you get it translated anywhere else? How long after you sent the packet to the Greek embassy was your interview scheduled? Was the interview failry easy? Any input from anyone else here is much much much appreciated!
  9. me too! We are just waiting for our RFE to be received and hopefully, approved. You are not alone ;)
  10. Hi guys! Some of you mentioned that your embassy is backlogged or they are taking couple of months before they schedule an interview. How do you know that? Is this all based on VJ's embassy information or have you called them? Also, since we are all waiting for our approvals here, do you think we should start preparing for the next step? What is your advice here?
  11. thanks so much! Ours was about some questions left incomplete. What was yours about? Did you receive an email/sms/letter when they received your RFE reply?
  12. Hi guys, do you know how long it usually takes after they receive your RFE till the final approval? I ve seen people in this forum are already waiting for 2 weeks now, is this the average time?
  13. Old website NOA1: 15/2 New website : 19/02 RFE: today We just received an RFE in the mail today. No website updates, no email, nothing. I am not sure if that is good or bad news. The RFE is about 6(!!!) incomplete questions, which is weird since we have a copy of the form we sent out and everything is filled out. Anyways, one of the questions we, apparently , left unfilled was " did you meet in the last 2 years? yes or no" - its in page 8 of the petition, question 53. Do you guys thing we should reply with just circling the YES or should we also attach again the respective evidence?
  14. DAY 207 and stiiiiiiill waiting. I think we must be the last ones here