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  1. Hello there, can you share to me privately the question asked when you 2 were seperated on the interview?

  2. Didier Drogba

    I751 interview finished

    No, everything is Good, I don't why we have the interview
  3. Just finished the interview, OI SAID We will receive the decision in 30 days. Total interview around 1hour. 20 together at first. And then separate,20mins for me , 20 mins for my wife. Hope it gonna be approved.
  4. Just received the i751 interview. Is any recommendations? Did anyone go through it before?
  5. What can we do if there is no response form USCIS
  6. Unfortunately, they didn't do combo for me, still waiting.
  7. Congrats, mine was in Mar 17, still no response. So wired
  8. No, I was pretty sure what he was saying.
  9. Call USCIS, they told me my case is under counter check. What does it mean?
  10. My 751 is over 20 months. So frustrating.