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  1. What can we do if there is no response form USCIS
  2. Unfortunately, they didn't do combo for me, still waiting.
  3. Congrats, mine was in Mar 17, still no response. So wired
  4. No, I was pretty sure what he was saying.
  5. Call USCIS, they told me my case is under counter check. What does it mean?
  6. My 751 is over 20 months. So frustrating.
  7. Thank you, I hope they can process it anyway. Interview or just approved. I am close to get an offer which is 2 times as my current salary. I only hold the expired GC, and I need something to prove I am legit.
  8. Pass n 400, but 751is still pending
  9. I had interview yesterday and my wife Went with me. But the IO ONLY did THE N 400. Our lawer tried to push IO do the i751. But he rejected it and said This is another department handled. Really frustrating.
  10. Same N 400yesterday, but they don't want to interview for 751, let us wait. So frustrating