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  1. I'm from US (Suburbs outside Detroit, MI) and my Fiance (Beneficiary) is in Colombia, we applied via a law firm and I reviewed all forms up front for our K1 Fiance visa. I will be going to see my fiance over Christmas and New Years and I think it would be a good time to overview some things together. RE: prep steps for NOA2 / Consulate meeting - If anyone has any Bogota / Colombia specific tips they are much appreciated (especially anything I need to prep for the meeting) My fiance and I are awaiting the NOA2 (at 141 days), and I have seen some get there in 163 days. Best guess is somewhere by 1/12/19 through 2/12/19 would be the earliest to hear something back on NOA2 or more info needed; I hope and pray...with some luck a case approval a case# and moving to next steps happens fairly early in the new year. I appreciate any insight on preparing for the meeting at the Consulate. She will fly there from another city in Colombia with her daughter. (I assume this needs to be some days ahead for anything that can be prepared early.... if they allow medical a certain number of days ahead, etc) Are there any updated guides? I had seen some guides where they say to start calling the Colombian embassy about a week or so after NOA2 to verify the Consulate has received the case package; then to call 2 days after receipt to get the "beneficiary/fiance packet" as it was stated it will not be mailed to the beneficiary. I'd like to stay on top of this to avoid delays. On those guides they list links to the packet 3 / 4 / DAS but they are broken links now. See below: https://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php?title=Colombia_Club_Guide_%26_Tips If anyone has a links or Bogota / Colombia specific tips are much appreciated. I just found this link when researching the medical items.... in case this is all I should need:> https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/iv-dv-supplemental/BGT - Bogota.pdf and https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7hB3bl9Snfkb0NiMVFUd2JsVjA/view but appreciate any other heads-up items outside the box that I should be aware of. I still need to put together my package of papers for the meeting as we have had 2 more trips to see each other between mailing the application and the consulate meeting. All of our text, voice, video chat communication is 99.5% on Whatsapp (some on facebook), so I'm not exactly sure how I will show that in the meeting hah... maybe print a bible of chat dialog from whatsapp? Thanks so much for any help or insight, Happy Holidays and best of luck to all! Don_aka_Arturo & Aura
  2. So basically she will get a Noa2 case number around Mid April (my best guess - about 260 days out); After Noa2 how long typically to the interview at the consulate assuming Medical and Ds-160 are completed quickly? I believe they are sending an arbitrary date at some point to state the date and time for the interview,? but probably after NOA2 and DS-160 submission? Lastly, I see from above it is 12 days to 16 weeks for them to "begin calling" I assume that is to schedule the interview? Or? I had assumed there would not be any flexibility on the interview date but maybe the call to confirm the date and any required documents for the meeting? Lastly, from the interview it takes roughly 7-14 days before she gets the visa papers to travel to the states? or do they basically approve you on the spot at the interview and you can travel then? In other words how much time from the Interview to hitting U.S. soil? Thanks for any insight... Don
  3. Hello, I filed for my fiance in Colombia... and I'm so looking forward to have her here in the states, we filed earlier in July, and I received a receipt stating they had the application on July 23rd on the letter and when I go online and punch in the case for status it states they received the i129F on July 24th. My guess is now that in about 265-275 days she will be called for an interview in Bogota at the consulate. Assuming all moves ahead smoothly will there be any updates or steps too look for before then or just wait for that? I'm hoping that I will be allowed to fly there and join her (from Michigan) to show my commitment. I'm having a very hard time with the distance and I really want this to go right the first time through. I would do anything to expedite this process!!! Due to my background and us both having prior marriages I hired a law firm to insure correct papers were filed for some grey areas. I believe we started off on the right foot and should not have any errors, and I submitted alot of trip info/supporting relationship info so I think it should go smoothly. By the time our interview comes around we will have at least two more trips and more time together to share in the meeting. I wish you all the best, and I hope you are all pleasantly surprised! Thanks for any insight!
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