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  1. Hi @mae29 im sorry i was busy for the past few weeks, i hope at this point you already have NOA1 on your hand
  2. @ipatientlywaiting congrats on your 1st step. im so happy for your results. now we are on our way for our 2nd approval
  3. Hi all, I am interested to know if some of the members had filed petition for their parents this year. I am a August filer. I would love to hear the processed that some of you went through so i can have an idea on the next steps. I just submitted the I-130 along with the other documents and G-1145 to pay for it. I hope to receive something from USCIS this week and i will update this group. Petitioning My Mom AUG 15,2018 - I-130 sent to CHICAGO LOCKBOX AUG 17,2018- Received NOW.. waiting for NOA1 I hope some of you can share how long it might take.
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