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  1. Don't worry after i got approved and it went from READY to ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. i was kinda worried as well it just means they are doing some double check it ur status should be issued within a couple of days. cheers
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    Hi yes, thank you. my ceac status was routed to Administrative process. that's why i was kinda worried something was wrong. i went to the embassy and just did the oath and that was it. i didn't bother to ask why i had to take it again maybe they weren't able to capture it the first time. and i got my visa now three days later thanks:)
  3. Hello i just finished my interview three days ago on jan 14 2019. everything went smoothly i was scheduled to be interviewed for an IR2 visa which is an immigrants visa. i spoke with the consul and everything was good. she said congratulations and she said i got approved. she told me to register the mailing address where i would receive my visa. my CEAC status when i checked yesterday it said ''READY'' but now when i checked it it's on ''Administrative processing'' as well as i got an email from Manila embassy stating i need to go back to the embassy for ''oath taking''' which is very vague? what oathtaking? i attached the email that was sent to me on this topic. is this normal? what's happening?
  4. thank you my petitioner is USC my stepdad i was getting worried for a moment there thanks
  5. Hello i need your opinion about something, should i get worried? My mother and stepdad (married) petitioned for me to go to the states when i was 20 years old. the petition was already approved and i am already working on getting my visa. i just turned 21 years old two months ago. my question is was my age frozen when they petitioned for me when i was 20? does this apply for CSPA? should i get worried on my visa getting rejected since i am over 21?