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  1. Just got notified of interview date in April for Santa Ana. Anyone know where I can get a checklist of everything we should take with us? If anyone has any specific advice for Santa Ana, would be great! Also, do we need to get another medical examination done here? The last one was done a year ago for K1 filing. Hoping everyone hears some good news soon! Thank you all!
  2. Does the EAD meet ITAR restrictions for some employers? Perhaps that's the reason?
  3. So my husband got his work permit but is having a hard time finding jobs that will take him..they're all asking for GC or citizen. Any recommendations? He's an electronic engineer with lots of work experience. Thank you in advance!
  4. Just checked, and our EAD and AP were approved. Wishing everyone waiting hears good news soon! Does the ssn card need to be updated with authorized to work or is that after green card? Thank you
  5. Hi all, Any changes to anyone's EAD from fingerprints complete?
  6. Hello! Has anyone on K1 visa applied for an AB60 DL in California while waiting for EAD? How was the process and was it easy to convert after getting the EAD? Thank you!!
  7. Congrats!! I couldnt find your previous post. Would you mind sharing how you stated severe financial loss in the cover letter possibly? Would be really helpful! Thank you!!
  8. Status changed to Fingerprint Review Was Completed after biometrics. What would be the status after this?
  9. How long does biometrics take after you arrive? Anyone's experience? Mines in Tustin. thank you!
  10. Has anyone heard anything about field office probably in santa ana? How are the times?
  11. I was employed and self-employed last year so my most recent 2018 transcript has both this. I was wondering since I'm not currently self-employed do I have to provide 1040s and the schedules per the instructions below even thought I didn't select Part 6, item 2 since it no longer applies? If you selected Part 6., Item Number 2. that you are self-employed, you should have completed one of the following forms with your Federal income tax return: Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business), Schedule D (Capital Gains), Schedule E (Supplemental Income or Loss), or Schedule F (Profit or Loss from Farming). You must include each and every Form 1040 Schedule, if any, that you filed with your Federal income tax return. Also, should i submit transcripts for 3 years past or just more recent? I didn't make enough in 2016 since I was in school so I'm not sure if that would be a detriment if provided. Are most people just providing most recent year now? Thank you in advance for your help!
  12. I have a new address. Do I need to change my address with USCIS before filing AOS? Thanks in advance!
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