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  1. Thank you for the info. She looked at it and it looks like it is straight forward to fill out. So after she fills it out and sends it, does she need to do anything else? The issue will be fixed?
  2. Pretty sure it was a mistake because they didn't know. They thought I have to have a SSN so she can file as married. SInce I've never lived in the US, I don't have a SSN.
  3. Okay. Is that easily done? How can she access her tax return? Can she do that online? I should mention that she didn't have any income in 2018, she was a student. Edit: Sorry, she made some income from working as a student. Well below 10K.
  4. I believe she filed as single because we weren't living together in 2018. We got married towards the end of the year. Would that be a problem?
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering how my wife should file her taxes. We currently live in Canada and we are in the process of starting an IR visa application. We don't want to do it wrong and end up biting us. I don't have a social security number no an ITIN number, how can she file? Obviously she cannot file as single. How do you guys advice? Thanks.
  6. What if we leave the online account # blank? My wife is not sure if she has one or not. We are applying online. Thanks.
  7. USCIS Online account #, not sure if the wife has one or not. She did file for N600 last year or the year before, not sure if it's on there. She's looking for the receipt. If she can't find it, would it be a problem to leave it blank? What is it for anyways?
  8. What's the difference between mailing address and physical address? For example, my wife put her moms address as mailing address and answer No to the question that says Do you live at mailing address. Then in the address history next tab, the first address she put there is our address in Canada. Is this right?
  9. For physical address, it keeps asking for a TO DATE, we can't leave this blank. What should we put? Today's date is fine?
  10. For the online application, The fields that don't apply to us, for example we are not doing AOS. so should we leave it blank? It will not take N/A?
  11. Yep but when filling out the application, I selected WT-Temporary Visitor For Pleasure Admitted Without Visa Under The Visa Waiver Program but when I review it only saw WT
  12. What did yous say under class of admission? assuming you're Canadian and have been to the US
  13. Question. When filling out the application, we put WT-Temporary Visitor For Pleasure Admitted Without Visa Under The Visa Waiver Program but when we were reviewing the application. Under 46a He or She arrived as (Class of Admission) says WT only. Is this normal?
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