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  1. So it is not a problem to wait on activating the immigrant visa until you're ready? Like you can cross as a visitor in the meantime? I also have a nexus card and I frequently go to the US using my nexus. I have a passport but I've never used it to enter the US. The only reason I got it is because we went to Aruba for our honeymoon. We haven't applied for CR1 yet but we'll be doing that in the coming months.
  2. Hello everyone, My grandfather was a US citizen but he passed away in 2016. He started a petition for my mom (daughter married) back in 2008. The I130 from 2008 was approved and it was sent to NVC waiting for priority date. My parents' priority date is not gonna be current for another two years. My aunt, my mom's sister is also a US citizen and she agreed that she can be reinstated as a replacement petitioner. I've been doing some reading online and it seems like HR success rate is very slim. Question is: 1) Should my mom send NVC a letter before her priority date becomes current, or should she wait for her priority date to become current then tells them that the petitioner has passed away? 2) What are the chances of this getting approved? My aunt has no problem becoming the new petitioner. I should also mention that both of my parents are Canadian citizens now so it's not like they are from a war-torn country. However, when the I130 was filed, they were filed based on their previous nationality. In other words, they were naturalized as Canadian citizens after the i130 NOA2 was received. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, how did this go for you?
  4. She entered in April and filed in May? Did she come in under K1 visa? Us Canadians don't need a visa to go to the US but we still have to adhere to the same visa rules, we cannot go in with the intent to get married and adjust status.
  5. ykowalski

    Filing Taxes for year 2018

    Ok. Thank you. I'm not sure how filing in the US works, but when she files as married, I guess she would have to include my name, but I do not have a SSN number. I do have a job in Canada and I have an income, would I have to create an ITIN and would be considered as foreign income for her?
  6. ykowalski

    Filing Taxes for year 2018

    We got married in August of last year in Michigan.
  7. Hello everyone, This year me (Canadian) and my wife (USC) got married but we have not filed for CR1 yet. I am doing a legal name change in Canada first to get a new passport then she'll petition for me. Obviously, her marital status is different now. The question is, how does she file? We have a joint bank account in the US. It used to be mine at first then I added her on the account shortly before we got married, now both of our names are on the account. Please note I do not have a US Social Security Number (I have never lived/worked in the US). A joint bank account is a good sign of legitimate marriage but not sure how it'll play for tax filing purposes. Thanks in advance.
  8. Let us stick to answering the OP's question and not get sidetracked by what made him change his mind.
  9. ykowalski

    My friend got N400 denial

    So there's no chance he lost his LPR status at the time he applied back 4 years ago? that's what some of his friends are telling him
  10. Hello everyone, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend. Here's the situation: He became an LPR, not sure when before his 5-year residency requirement, he left the US for more than a year (Like a year and a half) When the time came to apply for citizenship, he applied but got denied when they requested evidence. The letter that came in the mail said to apply after 4 years and one day after breaking the continued absence from the US. How complicated is his situation? He wants to apply again because it has been 4 years now since that date. Any advice is welcome Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone, I am a Canadian Citizen and my wife is a US Citizen. We recently got married and I am about to sponsor her to come to Canada for the time being. Would that have any negative effect on her petitioning for me to go live in the US whether it was in a year or two years? Yes, I am aware that she would need to establish domicile again back in the US before she does but is there anything else?
  12. Thank you for looking into it. I believe you pulled up documents from Iran (At least that's what it sounds like to me). I was born in Iraq. However, I do know what you mean, I can go to the website and see what documents USCIS recognize as a birth Certificate.
  13. ykowalski

    is N600 the right form to use?

    No she's American, I'm Canadian. In Canada you need a proof of citizenship to apply for a passport, you cannot use an old expired passport and I thought that was the case in the US as well. Which is why I was thinking of getting a citizenship certificate for her.
  14. ykowalski

    is N600 the right form to use?

    Thank you. I thought it was the same as Canada. If your passport has expired for more than a year then you need a proof of citizenship to get a new passport (Birth Certificate/Naturalization Certificate)
  15. Is this for the I-130 or for NVC?