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  1. Fiance did his interview last week in Manila. I sent him the I-134 and all the supporting info (taxes/w2s). Given my position and job title I didn't actually expect them to ask for and review my financials, but they did--so I'm glad I sent that to him so he'd be prepared. He said that he noticed several applicants given a 221 due to financials. Just something to be aware of. Good luck! Also, as hank said, as long as you follow the embassy steps, you'll be good to go. Just be sure to have your documents ready should they ask for them.
  2. Doesn’t seem too bad, as long as you can go in the AM the first available us June 19th.
  3. Yep... didn’t see that coming! Ha! But like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  4. We went into the embassy and while talking to the prescreening person she said that no medical means no interview, but as soon as the medical is complete, we can reschedule—no need to pay the fee again, and no need to wait... In fact she gave us a note to request an expedited interview by emailing once the medical is complete.. So it seems all is fine, but until it’s said and done, I’ll wait to see how it ends up working out.
  5. Thanks! All set for tomorrow... Hoping they just let us reschedule....
  6. Thanks Hank! You're correct we did the DS-160 form, but still paid the visa fee at BPI ($265). Our plan is to show up tomorrow with everything we have ready for the interview. Hopefully all will go well! -Jake
  7. Hi all, My fiance's visa interview is scheduled for tomorrow morning 6/13. We were planning to have the medical complete on the 10th/11th, but my fiance was sick with the cold or flu, and is finally recovering from that. In hindsight, I think it was stupid to schedule the interview without the medical complete... Really bad on my part, just had to get this out of the way. I called the visa scheduling center on Monday to advise them we needed to reschedule. They told me I had already canceled twice and that I couldn't reschedule. There was an issue when I used the website to schedule and ended up scheduling his interview 3 times (same date & time)... So basically I was locked out of rescheduling. The person on the phone told me they would escalate the issue and I would receive an email with further instructions. I have yet to receive any communication about this and due to it being a holiday here in the Philippines I'm unable to call for clarification. The interview is still showing "scheduled" on the website. Does anyone have thoughts on this: Should we show up for the interview anyway? I'd expect a 221G because of the lack of a medical exam, but I am worried that perhaps this could cause other issues? Or, do I no-show for the interview? I'm not concerned about the DS-260 fee--I'll pay it again if I have to, but I am concerned about the application being canceled, or delayed. If I no-show am I not allowed to reschedule for 60 days? I can't find reference to this anywhere other than the tourist visa receipt being locked for 60 days. Any thoughts? Thanks a million!
  8. Checked the mail today and to my surprise I had a letter from USCIS... We were approved!! I was shocked as the letter arrived much earlier than expected! NOA 1: 01/02/19 NOA 2: 04/08/19 Nice to have this out of the way, now on to the next phase. Good luck to all, it seems they're moving quite fast at the moment!
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