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  1. Even though the USCIS is responsible for the petition and for the new immigrant fee and green card process, these are separate processes and the I-130 petition case number is therefore unrelated to what happens after the visa is issued. When paying the new immigrant fee you're required to input the NVC case number (DOS ID) and alien registration number which is tied back to the specific immigrant, so it's also unlikely you would have paid the fee for the wrong person as it would be difficult to randomly match someone else's a-number to their DOS ID.
  2. Better to go Monday/Tuesday rather than aim for Tuesday/Wednesday as that leaves at least 24 hours (all of Wednesday to be able to notify the embassy to cancel the interview if your fiancee is required to undergo sputum collection and the required 8 week delay prior to vaccination or the 6 months of direct observational therapy. The medical result would be hand carried if the medical is clear, so it's not too close to the interview if everything went perfect to go Tuesday/Wednesday however doing it either the week before, or Monday/Tuesday that week is sufficiently early.
  3. Nope, the travel tax was only asked for and verified at the check in counter. They were only interested in the Visa, exit declaration form, CFO GCP certificate, and sticker in the passport at immigration at Cebu Mactan International T2. It's one of the requirements to leave the country according to the CFO: https://www.cfo.gov.ph/faqs/2014-06-20-06-35-41.html#question-16-will-i-be-required-to-present-the-guidance-and-counseling-certificate-gcc-at-the-port-of-exit-or-airport
  4. Contrary to the advice above be sure that she carries the CFO certificate with the yellow packet in her hand carry luggage as exit immigration in the Philippines will be looking for more than just the visa, terminal fee payment and CFO sticker based on our experience in Cebu before being allowed airside. Without the certificate being presented along with the passport and sticker they wouldn't have allowed my wife to pass.
  5. Yup originating outside of the Philippines and no Philippine travel tax is added. Traveling to the USA from the Philippines and they automatically add the charge.
  6. Again not every foreigner or ex-pat will have stayed in the Philippines for more than 1 year, thus are not automatically subject to the travel tax hence my comment before about only certain foreigners are subject to the travel tax until they change the law and try to enforce it on all persons leaving the country, not just Filipinos and foreigners/ex-pats living in the Philippines for 1 year or longer. How many foreigners or ex-pats are living in the Philippines for over 1 year and leaving the country compared to other foreign tourists? I.e. those either just vacationing for less than one year or more realistically within the 30-59 days of the visitor visa on arrival plus one extension or coming to pick up their fiancee/spouse it wouldn't apply to them, only to their emigrating fiancee/spouse. Having paid the travel tax online/ through the byad center before going to the airport the check in counter agent for Korean Air (the airline operating the first flight to Seoul on a Delta based itinerary) was not familiar with this claiming it was their first time to see this, and still sent my wife to get the receipt validated at the travel tax counter anyway for my wife. I don't know how they would have reacted if it was paid with the ticket and included as a line item or if they were also familiar with this.
  7. Only certain foreigners would end up owing the travel tax and they should know who they are. However it should not be a requirement for all tickets booked departing from the Philippines on Delta to be paid as they didn't even check or ask if the person for whom the ticket is for is required to pay. That's where I have a problem with it being applied that way. Sure it's good for the Filipino/Filipina fiancee/spouse if the petitioner is not going to come with them and just booked them a ticket to the USA directly with Delta and it's already included. However if said petitioner was going to come to get them and didn't book a round trip ticket originating in the USA because they were very particular about being on the same PNR to ensure seats together plus irregular operations protections together and booked it directly from the airline they would be hit up for the tax twice when it doesn't apply to the foreigner and if they don't know about it they might not ask about the travel tax refund. Good for the Philippines but bad for the person. Given the heavy handed assessment of the travel tax as a shotgun / scatter shot charge on all tickets booked directly via the airline at least in the case of Delta from the Philippines it sounds like it. If the foreigner books a round trip ticket from outside the Philippines it doesn't get charged, or if they book via a travel agent/ online travel agency however.
  8. It seems that way in that even if I'm logged into my delta skymiles account and look at booking a one way or RT from say Cebu to Detroit it will apply the Philippine travel tax to the ticket even if I'm based in the USA and doesn't seem to make it obvious that it is not required for non filipinos. Where as the round trip booked from the USA doesn't list this as a charge.
  9. It seems to be looking only for your origin when booking the ticket, i.e. if the origin is from the Philippines they add it as a blanket charge if booking directly, but they don't book it on tickets originating from outside the Philippines. They also didn't charge it on one way tickets from the Philippines if booked via an OTA and not directly, which was important when it only applied to one ticket and not the other.
  10. Cebu Mactan is 850 due to the new international terminal. https://mactancebuairport.com/passengers/airport-facilities?id=rules
  11. Nope, it's not too little time, as everyone else said the medical results are hand carried by the patient unless they are under Sputum examinations for 2 months or direct observational therapy at SLEC for 6 months after that due to previously undiagnosed or improperly treated TB. Giving your fiancee at least 24 hrs between the medical and interview is prudent in case the embassy needs to be notified of cancellation due to issues with the medical in order to reschedule the appointment. In an ideal world where nothing goes wrong the medical exam can be started in Manila just over three days before the interview, but to me it would be best to start about 4 days before so that there is that 24 hr buffer if needed to notify the embassy.
  12. As another data point my wife's visa is an e-visa. It seems like at least for Manila immigrant visas have been issued with electronic cases for some time now, as I've seen a lot more people posting on facebook in the visa groups asking where the yellow packet was. Of course for K1 visas until they actually have people use CEAC for more than the DS-160 they will not change from having the packets.
  13. Congratulations. When are they going to arrive in the USA or are you still figuring out the tickets? One last trip for a while for me in just a few days, then returning the following week +1 finally.
  14. Or depending on timing not for several days after the texts, but eventually they will either be delivered or be ready for pick up depending on how it was set up. When my wife got the messages the CR1 packet wasn't even at the local branch yet.
  15. Yes if you look into it, but a lot of airlines are charging no-show penalties if you do not use the return portion of the ticket that can approach or exceed that $200/ticket more (e.x. EVA air's cheapest fares have a $150 no show fee per ticket, down to 50 for some of the higher classes). Korean air is 120000 won /$120 to/from the Americas if before getting to the airport and 200,000 won (200 usd) if deplaning after boarding. https://www.koreanair.com/content/koreanair/global/en/about/news/press_release/2018_12_18.html Non refundable tickets with delta have a $200 fee to cancel at Delta, though they may not cancel the full value of the ticket if the remaining value was more than $200. https://www.delta.com/content/www/us/en/change-cancel/cancel-flight.html I guess it also depends on the airline and origin and destination airports. For my wife her ticket was cheaper as a one way than it would have been as a round trip by a significant margin. I didn't do things the cheapest way for my tickets to ensure we could sit together as I will be bringing her home soon however. I'm excited to finally close the distance permanently. That's not exactly true, there are no-show penalties, and or cancellation penalties that can eat up most if not all of the savings depending on the airline.
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