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  1. I hope the group doesn't mind this question, but I am seeking a little guidance. I have tried finding this information myself via Internet research, but with no success. Thank you in advance! My fiance and I are still processing our K-1/K-2 Visas. If all goes well, I hope to bring her and her daughter (age 4) to the states early next year. I am unsure of the laws in both the Philippines and US regarding adopting a child. I would like to be able to give her my last name. My fiance and the father have never been married so the child was illgitimate according to filipino law. My fiance's daughter also has the sir name of the father. My question is, will I have to go through an adoption process to offer the child my last name? Even though the mother has all the control due to lack of marriage (i.e. filipino family law), will I require the father's permission to change her last name and/or adopt her? Is any of this altered if her mother become's a naturalized US citizen? If we do need his permission, is a notarized (or perhaps just signed) document sufficient or does he have to execute a process of some sort in the philippines? I truly appreciate any advice you can offer!
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