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  1. ok.. so now that i have applied for the ssn so do that mean i also need to applied for the ssc, or they will send me the card or the ssn alone without a card
  2. not yet but i have applied in their office and they said next week it will be mailed
  3. wow praised God.....so i should not seek for job now until i received my gc
  4. do i need to apply for a work permit..... did you apply for a work permit in order to work
  5. do i need to apply for a work permit..... did you apply for a work permit in order to work do i need to apply for a work permit..... did you apply for a work permit in order to work
  6. hi... please i want to ask a question.. since now that we are now in the usa and we are married for two year, do my husband need to apply for work permit or haas that already been done with the process at the uscis or nvc.....if you do not get my question please let me know thanks
  7. ok.. you welcome... am happy to hear that u registered it successfully... wish you success at your interview
  8. the case ID is the ID that start with LGS and 10digit... and try this support@ustraveldocs.com so this is the message they sent to me when I was having that problem, which I sent them an email telling that what am going through. so please try it ok. God bless you support@ustraveldocs.com <support@ustraveldocs.com> To:samuelonumara@yahoo.com Dear Samuel Onumara, Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk. We understand that your having issues with visa application. In order to assist you further, we need a more precise description of your issue/complaint/request. Have a pleasant day! Regards, U.S. Visa Service Desk
  9. ok..... but it is the same thing they sent to me......this week is not yet over ok. you will be among the people that will rejoice... every disappointment is a blessing, just keep that faith and you will laugh last
  10. yea that's and automatic message they send to me too then I just keep having patience before the interview arriaved so please be patience It will surely come ok......
  11. email which I used to send them an email about my problem and they reply in some hours to tell me what to do and how to fix the problem.. so send them your problem you having and them will tell you what to do
  12. wow wow.... good news... how many days did your ssn spend and did you apply for the job and alsodid you go to their office to apply for the ssn
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