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  1. So ll we hv to wait until Oct???? What's our fault guys???😨😨😨😨 Is this first American rule???
  2. Guys... My friend's friend got IL from Mumbai embassy 4 days ago Initially She has f2a category.. And after it converted in to ir1 as her husband become citizen.. She got august date
  3. Let's see B. Cz don't heard anything from this month.. Not a single IL of any category.. Even though f2a is current but no one get IL So our hopes alive for August Good luck to us
  4. Nope @DDP&JDP @Parcaran @The Rock ll @JJ & JT Where are you guys???? Any news? Any update???
  5. Than do we need to wait until September to fulfill this category of visa??????? As ir1/cr1 is always current category than what's our fault?????????? How can we wait that much longer???? 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
  6. May be yes But exactly IDK Than what do you think We have to wait for another month?????
  7. Yeah we are few from may CC Over here @ram_shan Called NVC n they told that they have started schedule Aug interview ..
  8. Ohhhhh @DDP&JDP @The Rock ll @Parcaran @JJ & JT Where are you guys?? Did you get it???
  9. Congratulations to uh... N thank you for info... Can you please share on which date you get IL ?????
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