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  1. StevieJ


    Thanks for the replies ! Appreciate it. So I think we'll be ok to get it all Monday 😁
  2. StevieJ


    Hello all ! My wife's interview is on 9/23. We just realized we need a CEMAR. Apparently the marriage certificate is not enough. If we try to get it Monday of next week, will we get it in time?
  3. Anyone submit all the documents around July 1st and not get DQ yet ?
  4. Congratulations. Good luck !
  5. So....self inflicted error. We put my wife's mom's birth city as 'Vigan'; because that's what her mother had told us during that stage. The city was actually a nearby city of 'Caoayan' according to her mother's birth certificate. We put Vigan on the I-130; what should we do @ the NVC stage now that we know the correct city? Correct it? Is this going to be a big problem for us? Stressed. lol.
  6. Filed Feb 15th. Received NOA 2 in mail 5/10-- says it was done 5/6. I'm still waiting on my tax return; how long, realistically should i expect until they start asking for NVC documents ?
  7. Forgot to put your name on the back or to put two pictures ? I'm thinking I forgot to put the name on the back of my wife's photos...
  8. Hey Guys, Feeling kind of sick. Got all of my documents together and was ready to submit the CA-1. Was feeling so relieved. Turns out there was a problem i missed. On my Wife's birth certificate her mom's name is misspelled. One letter is missing. Example "ebra" instead of Debra. Simple right? Have the birth certificate corrected. However...bureaucracy has put a damper on that. The officer that signs off on this kind of thing has resigned and they don't know when they'll have a new one. Possibly months or even a year. I kind of don't want to wait that long. We're looking to have kids and both at an age where there isn't too much time to waste. So i'm reaching out to you guys for what to do. Should we just chance it and hope they don't notice? It's kind of an easy to miss error OR Should we try to get out ahead of it/point it out and submit supplemental documentation showing the correct name and that my wife is her daughter? We have the following documents with the correct spelling: School Records (Parents names) CENOMAR = certificate of freedom to marry (with both parents names) Baptismal certificate (with both parents names) Sisters Birth Certificate (with correct spelling) OUR Marriage Certificate (with correct spelling) Mother's birth certificate (with correct spelling) Mother's/father's marriage certificate We can possibly get more things? Any help would be appreciated guys. I'm kinda crushed here.
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