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  1. Hello nebraska family, I want to ask an important question regarding our I-130. We were checking the 130 that we sent to USCIS and my husband noticed that he made a mistake on the form. He was asked if he has petitioned the beneficiary (me) or any other alien before and he put a NO which he shouldve put a YES because he did petition someone before. Now he is worried about it because he don't have much time to call USCIS because he works 8am to 5pm and I told him the best time to call is 8-9 am. He tried calling them today but he waited almost an hour and he will try again tomorrow but he is worried and because of that I am also. I read a thread here before that someone with the same problem called uscis rep and the rep said that just send to them the corrected papers. Can we also do that? Can we send a corrected paper without calling uscis anymore? And were should we send it? Is it the address of Nebraska in the NOA1?? Thank you so much! Hoping for a response
  2. Yes 60 days but here on vj their estimated for nebraska is atleast a week
  3. Hello everyone, have you watched this video? WATCH IT LIVE: @HouseJudiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Policy Changes and Processing Delays at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This video is quite helpful and gives hope to us
  4. CONGRATS!! Lucky to be the first to greet you. I was just submitting my post and then saw this. ❤❤
  5. Hello, I'm also from nebraska sc. PD Nov 5 2018. I am a member of a group in fb for I-130 nebraska filers and some people are encouraging us to file K3. Is it really worth a try? They said it is faster (3months) but I am hoping I will be approve after 3 months also with i130 if nebraska is really 11 months. I am now on my 8th month. Maybe I should just wait. I love and miss my husband so much and its ok for me to wait longer but sometimes I feel bad when he miss me so much andand cant do anything about it and I feel like I disappointed him when he says he thought by this time I am already with him. I just always remind him that being separated for a long time will be worth it once we are together again. I know this journey is hard, but I believe love conquers all. God bless to all of us. ❤
  6. PD October 30 2018 NSC on USCIS but on the letter it says Nov 2 and on myuscis it says Nov 5. I guess I am in between Oct-Nov Filers. Goodluck to all of us.
  7. My husband and I also has huge age gap and I don't know if we are going to have problems about it. We sent our petition last October 30, 2018 and our SC is Nebraska. We sent lots of photos maybe 50 pieces and he visited me only twice because he is working and only gets 2 months vacation. I am not nervous about the age gap and my home country (ph) being high fraud country because I know our love is real and genuine. We've been together for 2 years and what I love about him is that we have the same personality, we never fight, we talk every single day and he is the most important person in my life because of the love and care he showed to me. I always thank God for giving me a husband that for me is perfect. He has the biggest heart for me and my family loves him so much. Just wanna share this because I want to be more active in this website. We still have a long way to go because of our SC but I believe that if love is real, time is just a number :)
  8. Hope this helps you
  9. Is your parents dead? If not, then you can't. You cannot legally adopt someone when the parents are still alive
  10. K1 visa is like 10 months to process. In the span of 10 months did she show these kinds of behavior to you already or just when you arrive in US? I don't understand how someone can pretend to be nice in ldr relationship for almost 10 years without showing any red flags??
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on visajourney and this is something I haven't encountered on this site so I don't know what to do. My husband wants to file married on Income Tax Return but I need to have SSN number which I don't have yet because we are not yet approved with I-130. Is there anything else we can do so he can add me? Thank you so much!
  12. Hi! I would like to be added on this group. What exactly is the name on facebook? I am also a november filer for I-130 in nebraska. Thank you!
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