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  1. I went to that same location over ten years ago, nobody said anything about cellphones, but things can change. I will be going to the same location, just waiting on my biometrics letter in the mail, or to show up on my Elis account...
  2. I'm gonna fill online this saturday.. Expired greencard first, because my drivers license expires soon... I need that extension sticker at biometrics to renew the drivers, I'm in pennsylvania... or get a stamp at a local field office with a Notice of Action I-797... How fast do you get the NOA loaded online for printing, and how long for the biometrics letter to show up online? Does it make a difference when applying on the weekend, is processing is only done business days? thank you all.
  3. HI, when it comes to upload things like a scan of a greencard for instance, there is no instructions as to what type of file name to use...so I think is not important, otherwise they have put that in instructions...I just want to make sure. I scanned front and back of the card and named the file, backgc and frontgc. I was afraid to make long names etc, so I went for simple. In any case, my scans are high definition. I uploaded nicely, looks good. I hope I'm right.
  4. I went back and look at the form that I took home from my first biometrics in 2004 I googled and found that it was a FBI form not a USCIS, and they enter the info in the system to do the FBI search.... I was just curious to know what type of form that was.
  5. How's the biometrics appointment after your file online? When you get there do they make you write your height/weight/eye color etc on a paper, or they just pull info from the system? Do they measure your height and weight or they just take a photo and do fingerprints? Thanks
  6. Hi, so you are trying to remove conditions, is a 2 year GC.. Wow so your card is expired for 18 months...Did you get a stamp in the passport or they put a sticker on the card itself? As for applying the N400, I think this is the form to become a citizen.. But I think that you cannot apply for citizenship if you haven't had conditions removed, and after that I think you might have to wait some more...Maybe you could check with an immigration lawyer to see whats going on...
  7. Are you talking about the two year greencard that has to be renewed by sending evidence and then they will send you a 10 year greencard? Isn't the 751 for the fiance visa? Do you have a two year conditional greencard?
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