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  1. I want to clear out something .I think you misunderstood the point.You just need to get married within 90 days of your wife arriving here .It doesn't matter if you file ASO during that period of time or not. Also you got the receipt from UPS when you mailed it out that's a way you can track your package. Best luck !😊
  2. You'll be out of that status but still legally staying in the USA. Just don't leave the USA before you got the AP or green card.
  3. Try to email and ask for the I-797 approval letter from his emabassy,they might have it .
  4. You Should receive an email from the USA embassy where you'll attend to an interview .It has what you need to bring for the interview.
  5. Pretty soon.About 1week after you arrive in the USA. Make sure all the information is correct whenever you apply for any documents. My daughter got a wrong first name on her i94,so we went back to the airport more than twice to get it corrected .
  6. You'll need your valid i94,usually you can get it updated 1 week after you arrive in the USA. Not sure if you'll get married soon or not,if you'd change your name after the wedding ,then you need to wait till you've gotten the Marriage record .It's convenient to go on the website of your local social security office ,fill out the form, print it out ,bring it with your valid i94 , passport ,marriage certificate then it'll be done soon.Your social security number card will be mailed to you in 2 to 4 weeks.
  7. i134 ,page 3,item 3,annual income. The sponsor needs to prove it.So you need the 1040 form
  8. 1.Yes. 2.If your annual income is higher than the poverty guideline,you don't need to attatch the other asset .We prepared the employment letter,life insurance, 401k,bank letter also included car as personal property but on the interview, they only asked for 1040 forms of recent 3 years. If you want,just bring as much as you can get. 3.1040 forms are necessary
  9. My husband and I both havery previous marriages. We've submitted our divorce certificates with i129F.I don't know if we still need to provide them again with i485? Thank you.
  10. Hi. I asked someone who is from my country lives in LA.She's gotten the interview date in March. She mailed out the madical reports(has stamps on it same as the one the CBP got but unsealed)and DS3025 .She got the notification for the interview in 3 months.I wander why so fast.
  11. Yes. I'll only attach DS3025. Then wait until I get the notification to do the medical exam
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