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  1. Please your date  is near, so hurry up, my husband just got his visa, I will guide you, just send me an email, together with ur phone number, that my email  borngreatanita@yahoo.com

  2. Send me emails on my borngreatanita@yahoo.com, I will guide you through,image.thumb.png.d70afc2f06690ee120c8e5c0da62b1f3.png

  3. Yes my wife had an interview at Ghana embassy, June,2021 she was told to submit D260, it took us a week to submit it , after that the next 2 days it shows visa issues, which was July 1,  the next week my wife went to Dhl to apply for the Visa to be delivered, we sent embassy emails, to submit it there, they responded to the emails, but did not send it ,we sent second email we were told they will correct the mistake and send the visa, it took a month before we received The visa, I will advise you to call DHL, because we have made calls upon calls, everyday different excuse from dhl, Dhl will not call u, when they received it, please dhl 

    1. Quart


      Thanks bro. But I honestly don't know what to do again. It's like the same story that they keep telling us. We've been calling DHL almost every other day. We send e-mails the the Consular Office and the always respond claiming there was a mistake in the information that DHL submitted and that they have corrected the mistake so they will release the passport yet we still have not got them. I don't know when they'll release passports to us for us to renew them and resubmit them for the visa.

    2. Abiani


      Yes same as ours, embassy, said they made a mistake, within 3 days I called the DHL, we told our visa was there, please call DHL, go in for visa on Monday and Thursday,  when you call please please be soft in your conversation, just say please please good morning or afternoon, keep calling them, less I forgot did you guys register with dhl, 

    3. Quart


      Yes, we registered with DHL and paid separately for each of the passports. They told us the same day we registered that they have submitted our details to the embassy for the passports. DHL says the Embassy has not released the passports to them yet. It's over three months now since we registered with DHL for the collection of the passports.


  4. I sent u a message, on ur page, ur requested help for an upcoming interview, by the grace of God we just got our visa last week , I wanted to help u

  5. I will suggest u email them. They are not picking calls , my wife visa was approved on 1July 2021 it Took 1 month and a week before we got the visa from DHL, even though we have registered with dhl, we sent emails upon emails, they later sent it to Dhl, I will advise u to email, once a week
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