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  1. I think I understand your situation. It’s not your fault in part. Your valid reentry visa is sufficient so you don’t need AP For reentry. But you also shouldn’t have applied for AP since you have a valid visa. There’s no way CBP can stamp your AP now and backdate the stamp when you were never even paroled. What you should do now is to take infopass or walk-in to uscis with your lawyer and demand to see SUPERVISOR. This can be resolved I believe. God bless.
  2. Agreed with JonShai. File a motion to reopen based on approved vawa(faster interview date if granted) or file new I-485. You should be fine.
  3. Yes I’m here. Filed July 2018. Just got EAD yesterday
  4. C9 Category. Guess uscis is looking for love lol.
  5. Today’s EAD card production...Happy val to uscis. For those who are anxious about long wait. Receipt date 7/26/18
  6. It’s sad to hear this. But more sadly, cheating is not a ground for filling vawa. Sandra mentioned this million times already.
  7. Automatic extension is written at the back of your EAD application receipt NOA. Please read back page.
  8. As soon as your I-360 approved
  9. Show this to your therapist. It might help
  10. Search for vawa specialist psychologist in your area. They know exactly what uscis is looking for in your evaluation.
  11. I will give you the information if you send me pm. I don’t want to be seen as a promoter of a perticular lawyer here. It might be against this site policy and I might be sanctioned.
  12. I believe you are very qualified for vawa if you have a specialized vawa lawyer. If you live in California, I will recommend a human right activist lawyer who’s job is purely vawa. She’s expensive up to $8k on installment basis. But if she accept to take up your case, you are surely getting an approval. I will send you a pm upon your request as this information might not be ok for non-income individual because of the payment involved. accept my sympathy and I believe you will smile at the end.
  13. To make your divorce easy and fast, please file reason for divorce (irreconcilable difference). It won’t affect you vawa in any way.
  14. If your abuser is a usc. You can file under EAD c09 and receive your EAD is less than 6months