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  1. Thank you. Can I assume that she has little to no control over the USCIS's decision on whether or not to kick me out of this country? Have you ever seen a case where the married couple were in love at the time of marriage, but it fell apart, but the US spouse stayed married only to help their partner out even though they are no longer in love? Since my spouse and I still have more than a year before my green card expiry, and he is wanting a divorce as soon as possible, I don't think this will apply to my case, but I just wanted to hear a general opinion of how things would go in such cases. Will USCIS try to find out if the 2 years of conditional period was "happily" spent at the time of applying for ROC? No matter how much my spouse wants a divorce, I am still hang up on him (well, I even believe I am supposed to be because I married him in good faith and in real love), and I don't want to divorce him no matter how tough the married life will be if we live together without love. I just cannot deny myself that I am thinking at the bottom of my heart that he will one day realize how stupid he was to hurt me like this, and come back to me. (Actually, this is not the first time he cheated on me. He cheated on me about half a year ago also, with another girl. At that time, I was able to convince him about having a baby by suggesting adoption or surrogates. And back then, he really cared about my tears, and he apologized to me, decided to focus on our marriage. So I forgave him because I am just in love with him. This time, he seems not to care about my tears, sadly.) If we stay like that without actually going ahead and filing a divorce, will it be seen as trying to work things out? Or without the actual record of counseling etc, is it as good as a dead marriage in the eye of USCIS?
  2. To add, having a baby is not the only cause of our problem. We do fight from time to time, which he was getting sick of. Those might be able to get fixed with counseling and talking, but having a baby seems to be growing its importance and priority in his life, and this is the one I cannot do anything about.
  3. I am getting very scared. because I just read on other forums that cases like mine can run into a big scrutiny just like you mentioned about having babies. On that website, an attorney said the bona-fide-ness might be suspected in cases like mine because your spouse has always known he is bi, yet he married you, and now he is wanting a divorce because he wants a baby now. I talked to him about this because I was not convinced either. He said, he thought just having me is enough to be happy, and maybe if we want to have a baby, adoption or surrogate mom is enough as we are a same-sex couple. However, as we spend more time, and we have seen more couples walking around, and also when he works with other females, he started feeling that he wants his own baby born to him and his female partner, who can be the biological parents. And he insists that counseling is meaningless because it will not make me or him be able to carry a baby. I know it is quite selfish, but he decided not to spend the christmas with me, and he went out with this girl. I am so mad at her also because she knows he is married, and still keeps trying to get him. According to him, she is also trying to threaten me about this immigration case. Like if I won't give up on him, she will do anything she can to talk to the USCIS that this marriage is fake and he cares about her, not me. I doubt she can do anything because she is not involved in this marriage, but she really is a ##### (excuse my language), who touched my love, who is stealing my love from me, and I am so mad at him too for going out with her, and he keeps stepping on my feelings. I am just in depression and losing hope for life because this is obviously not what I married him for.
  4. Do you all think a divorce only a few months after receiving the conditional green card is a red flag? Unlike many married couples who apply for AOS immediately after marriage, we took time before applying for AOS, so we have been married for a while. I am not sure if this even matters, and USCIS might only see how long it has been since the arrival of conditional green card. Is it harder to show and convince USCIS about our bona-fide relationship/marriage if a divorce happens, than show bona-fide relationship for AOS?
  5. I was afraid of anyone around me like my family or some of my friends finding out about my sexuality, so I lied about my gender. But now that I am going through a hard time and the possibility of a divorce, which is way more devastating to me and my life, than my friends or family finding out about my sexuality, I just decided to be very honest about this in this post. Again, I apologize for the lie. I am actually male, and just used a random name that came up to my head, when I created my user account.
  6. Let me apologize about this. Since I am not perfectly out to everyone around me including my family, I was afraid of risks that somehow someone I know finds my post, I said female to female in the old post, but we are actually both males. I said female-female to make it look like it is not my post. But now that I am going through a divorce, which is more important to me than hiding my identity, I went honest on this post. Again, I am so sorry about the lie.
  7. Did you get the conditional green card and divorced during the 2 year conditional period? Can I ask for some more details? such as how long you were married before the divorce, and why the divorce occurred? Because for example, battered spouses can more easily obtain permanent resident than spouses divorced due to adultery or something else. After applying for ROC by yourself, did you go through a strict scrutiny? I read somewhere that proving a bona-fide marriage is very difficult if a divorce occurs within 2 years of getting a conditional green card. Like you need a lot many more strong evidence. What did you submit as evidence, if you don't mind me asking..
  8. Can I submit the same things I submitted with AOS when I file for ROC by myself? How hard is it to complete ROC without your spouse? I got married to my US spouse almost 21 months ago. Before the marriage, we were in a relationship for over 3 years. I came to the US on F-1 student visa, and after graduating, I was working under OPT program. It had been more than a year since we married, when we filed for AOS from F1 to Conditional permanent residency, so we submitted lots of proof of our bona-fide relationship and marriage. Now, I have my conditional green card, but my spouse is wanting a divorce, and he refuses to go to counseling with me (some details in my previous question). Though we have been married for almost 2 years, we only a few months ago completed the AOS, so it has been only a few months since I became a conditional permanent resident. If we divorce now, and I need to file for ROC by myself, I understand that I need to provide USCIS with lots of evidence that our marriage was bone-fide. But I do not have many *new* bona-fide documents because we submitted lots of proofs for AOS only a few months ago! In the past few months, the only new documents we can provide them are the bills sent to us that have both of our names on them, the lease (basically the same paper I submitted with AOS), and also health/car/dental/vision insurance that I have through my job that all list my spouse as the beneficiary. Other than that, all I can submit is basically the same documents I submitted such as our old chats/texts, photos, wedding photos, plane tickets etc. Basically my questions are: 1) Is it okay to submit the same bona-fide-proof documents I submitted for AOS, when I file for ROC alone if the divorce occurs before the 2 year conditional period is up? 2) Is it considered a red flag if a divorce occurs only a few months after the conditional GC arrived? We have been married for 21 months, but I have been a conditional permanent resident only for a few months. I am not sure if USCIS places more importance on the length of the marriage, or the length of conditional status. 3) Is marriage counseling a must or filing for ROC by myself without it makes the entire process extremely harder? My spouse refuses to go to counseling because it cannot solve the basic issue we have. (He wants to have a baby, but we are a same sex couple. He is bi, so he simply cannot see the future with a male anymore).
  9. Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, we were truly in love. Otherwise we wouldn't have been in a relationship for so long before the marriage. And actually he has cheated on me before too. With a girl. He said the same thing about having kids. At that time I was able to convince him that we can adopt kids, or we could find a surrogate mom and he seemed convinced. I forgave him for cheating at that time because I really wanted to be with him. I still do. But this time he seems very cold and different. He is trying to justify himself. And he insists that the kids need to be real ones born to him and his loved one, which I cannot do anything about because we are both male. When they say you need lots of evidence that the marriage was entered into in good faith, isn't that basically the same stuff you submitted at the time of AOS? We did AOS from student to permannent residency and we had to submit lots of proof. Can we submit the same stuff also? Since it's been only a few months since the arrival of the conditional green card, we do not have many new things to submit. We have kept living together so we have more bills together with both names but that's pretty much it. The rest of the things, I already submitted with AOS like our old texts, our insurance etc. Lease too. We just don't comingle our financea because he is an over spender and I am the opposite where I save a few cents. We did not submit our joint bank account proof at the time of AOS either. He has $0-100 saving after working more than 10 years because he simply doesn't save. And I didnt want him to spend the money I saved, on alcohol or cigarettes etc. So I have been saving in my own account, and that was for our life together in the future. Which is not happening anymore... Sorry I didn't mean to type this long, but I am hurting so bad that I can't even think right. I really don't want to lose my life here. My job is good and they are giving me a good raise next year also. I have many friends here too. But more than anything, he was my everything. He still is to me. And we couldn't have been together in my home country due to our sexuality.
  10. How difficult is it to file for ROC by yourself? I got my conditional green card a few months ago based on a marriage with a US citizen. We were in a relationship for 3 years and got married. And we applied for AOS (I was a student on F1 and also working on OPT after graduating) and I got my conditional green card 1.7 years after marriage. So we have been together for more than 5 years. It's been only a few months since we finally got my conditional green card, but my US spouse cheated on me. He said he really likes this new person, and wants to consider divorcing me. I am in depression and grief and I can't even concentrate on my work. Our marriage was real, and we did love each other. We are a same sex couple, where I am gay myself and he is bi. Recently, he said as we grew older, he started wanting to have a kid, not adopted one, but real one with his DNA. He never thought about having kids but growing old made him want kids. So he cheated on me with a girl. And he said he doesn't wanna go counseling with me because he cannot see the future having kids with me. I have all my life here, my job, my friends, my spouse (I am losing him though). I cannot even get married to my love in my own country because same sex marriage is banned. Is it possible to get divorced within the 2 year condition and still get the permanent residency? How hard is it? We have lots of proof that our marriage was entered into in good faith. What extra proofs do they require you if you wanna file for ROC by yourself? I read it's VERY difficult to pass all the requirements if the divorce occurs within 2 years.
  11. Thank you. Then, what will happen to SEVIS if you do not notify your school? If you were on F1 and working under OPT, or STEM OPT, and did AOS, you are still on SEVIS, right? Does this automatically terminate at the expiration of OPT EAD Card? Don't you have to do anything about it when your status becomes pending for AOS?
  12. I recently completed AOS from F-1 STEM OPT status to permanent resident through marriage with a US citizen. I finished the interview and I received my green card. I still have my STEM OPT EAT, which will expire in 2020, Green Card EAD from AOS I-765, and green card. Since the green card is the most powerful card among the three, I believe the first two EADs aren't necessary anymore. I called my school's international office and asked what I need to do now and they seemed a bit uncertain about what process needs to be taken now because they haven't seen many students who switched their status from F1 STEM OPT to Permanent resident. They just told me to send them a completed I-983 (Training plan for Stem OPT Students) with the final evaluation, and the copy of front and back of the green card. Does anyone know if this is enough? Do I have to do something about this status change, and does my int'l office have to do something? like terminating SEVIS? I understand it is the int'l office's job to take care of this, but I would like some opinions on here since my DSO sounded very uncertain...
  13. I have a few questions regarding the removal of condition from GC. 1) Are you required to find at least two people who will make an affidavit stating they acknowledge your marriage? Can this person be any person such as best friends, or even the US spouse's family members? Does this person have to be either a US citizen or a permanent resident holder? Can an international friend studying or working in the US, or even someone on DACA make an affidavit? 2) Don't they ask for I-864, or a similar type of document proving the income of the US spouse? I know this is a requirement for AOS to get the GC for the first time. How about when you remove the condition? Looks like the instruction of I-751 doesn't mention anything about this. How about tax returns? Required to submit the latest tax return again? 3) What will happen if you divorce during the 2 year conditional period? I am very confused with this one. I have ALWAYS heard that you must stay married for at least 2 years to get the actual green card. But USCIS's websites and forms do say you can individually apply for I-751 if you are divorced. Assuming that the marriage was real/bona-fide and can be proven with a bunch of documents, can you apply by yourself, if your divorce was due to (1) US spouse's infidelity, or (2) finding differences between you and your spouse and simply finding out that you guys didn't mean to be? I know that you can divorce and apply by yourself if you have been abused by your US spouse, but how about other cases like above? Or even when the beneficiary cheated on the US spouse, and the divorce occurred? In any cases when the divorce occurred, do you have to prove that you will go through extreme hardship if you leave the US?
  14. Ok, so it is okay to pay for some of the vaccinations using the insurance right? Even USCIS's website say "Medical Exam is not covered by insurance" and I thought that meant that even if your insurance does cover it, you will have to pay it as un-insured, for I-693 purposes.
  15. Is that true that I693 medical exam is NOT covered under health insurance? Does this mean you have to pay for the exam and all the necessary vaccinations from your pocket, 100%? I called my nearby health clinic and they said I can use my health insurance for certain vaccinations like varicella, MMR, etc. which are required for I-693 purposes. If I pay for these necessary vaccinations with my health insurance that I joined through my employment, will it make my I-693 invalid??? I get confused every time people say "I-693 medical exam is not covered under health insurance." Can someone clarify this for me?
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