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  1. That is so unprofessional! She souldnt make stupid comments like that and she is one of those miserable B$@chs. Omg I am glad that this is over. What an agonny. Its behing you now. Good luck now Oath ceremony!
  2. Wow I am so sorry that this happend to you. Why was she asking you about your divorce? Did u apply as 3 year rule and maybe thatd why? I dont like female IO at all. I was praying not to get female IO, lucky it was a handsome guy😊
  3. Rick Scott, but they cant help you until your passport is in Process status. Go to his web site and go to Forms. There is a group on FB that you can find more info and other stories. I got mine in 1 week and 5 days I also provided my flight ticket.
  4. Because many ppl got Notice from USCIS saying that their Biometrics will be used from I 751. So I am not sure whats going on.
  5. Are we talking about flying to Us From Canada as Canadian citizen? As me beeing dual citizen I didnt have to wait for my US passport to fly back and forthto Canada or US.
  6. Canadians dont need reason coming to US via Air at all, as she is Canadian citizen can always go to Canada.
  7. You can fly to Canada with your Canadian passport but need to quarantine for 14bdays also you can fly back with your canadian passport. You dont need us passport. Also you should contact your senator to help you expedite your passport.
  8. I just said I have a trip to Europe and attached my booked ticket. No much explanations. Just ask if he can help you and fill out the Form. I didnt have option to choose.
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