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    My fiance and I met in South Korea while I was there teaching English. We met at church through a mutual friend. For quite a while, we did things in groups. We then began doing things alone together. I told my friends.."he's the kind of guy I want to be with.." before we began dating. Out of the blue one evening, after watching silly Bollywood movies, he kissed me. I seriously wasn't even sure he was interested in me, so I was shocked. Nonetheless, it was the greatest feeling I had ever felt.
    Later, I became pregnant. Unsure of what to do (I was in a foreign country and without my family whom I am very close to), I went back to the USA, leaving him in South Korea. Shortly after, he returned to Pakistan.
    Now, we have a beautiful daughter, 5 months old. Yet, she has never met her father and doesn't know how wonderful he is. She has only heard his voice.
    I do believe one day he will be here with me. Until then, we will wait and pray...
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