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  1. Do you know how long it usually takes for the check to cash, and for the text notifications to take place?
  2. Once a package is sent; is there a usual time frame for how long until you get the text/email updates to say it’s been received, how long until checks and money orders get cashed, and how long the paper NOAs take to arrive?
  3. Ive got everything on there over 6 months currently, but yeah, Ive left off anything under - but it leaves a weird two year hole in my address history, but I can explain in person if need be. I also have a PO Box that I have used the whole time, and that address is on my DL. Do you think I should include that somewhere even though Ive obviously never lived there?
  4. Hey, On various forms (I-130a, I-485) it asks me to list me previous addresses for the last 5 years within the states. My question is this - For a year/year and a half I didn't really have a permanent address, I was just bouncing around craigslist subleases, airbnb's etc - as for a while it ended up being a cheaper alternative, and I just used a PO Box for my mail. Should I include all of these addresses? As there may be over 30? Or do I just included addresses that ive actually, like, lived in and made a home?
  5. Yes, I have a valid social security number, and I have used this whilst working, and paid taxes against the money earned on this social. I appreciate this, but I'm not looking at lying os misguiding anyone especially during immigration. I worked, I made that decision, and so I'm going to declare it on my I-485 as to the best of my understanding, any work done whilst not under status is forgiven when marriage occurs. I worked one job continuously whilst out of status and so this is the one job I will be mentioning in my explanation of why. I agree, and will definitely not be doing so. Has anyone else submitted a statement attached to answering yes to either of these questions?
  6. Hi all, I don't want to start a thread to discuss, or to do anything that may cause any friction by discussing any work taking place in the US without authorization, so I'm hoping I can use this as a thread to have any user potentially message me privately with their experiences to these questions. They discuss the working in the US without authorization, and violating terms and conditions of nonimmigrant status - which I unfortunately have. I have ticked yes to both of these questions, but if anyone else who has also ticked yes to these might consider messaging me, I would like to just talk to anyone who has, and in particular I have questions regarding the extra explanations the form requests regarding these answers, and formatting of such a document etc. I hope this is ok to ask, if not - please delete the thread!
  7. Do you have any more data on the new TB requirements as I have to get mine in the next couple of weeks. The cheapest I was able to find was around $425, but I called locally and everything was over $550, so I went further afield to some of the lesser populated parts of town, and found one for $425 but I called before the 1st and didn't know about new requirements
  8. Im not in the same boat, but we are about to file - so this isn't good to hear
  9. Hey On passport photos for I130 and I1485, can anyone tell me whether or not we need to write names, dates etc on the back of them? Some places seem to indicate yes, some indicate no - some indicate they may need to be notarized? Just looking for a definitive opinion!
  10. Thank you for all of your answers on this!
  11. Hi all, Sorry to dredge this thread up again, but I have a question with he I-485 relating to my case. Part 3, Question 1 is: Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident status at a U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate abroad? Having submitted an old 130/application that was never finished, would this count as a yes? Or does this only apply if I actually went with a purpose of gaining an immigrant visa (I never have, I arrived on VWP, which was done online).
  12. ScottishTom

    I-864 Questions

    Im glad others get confused on it too! I think Kinda clear is the best way to put it! I think everything you put makes sense, I did exactly as you mentioned, and it feels right so thats what we are going to go with lol!
  13. Hey again everyone! Almost done with the forms, so I can stop frustrating everyone with my questions lol! I have some questions on the I-864 that I want some clarity on! Can anyone help? Part 3 - Question 1: I am sponsoring the principal immigrant named in Part 2. (We ticked yes, as thats that case - but then just under this in 4a it asks for family member 1's name. Do we put my details in this box too, or is this just for people that tick no to the first questions? Part 5 - Household size - this is where we are most confused. So first off it says do not count any member of your household more than once. Number 1 asks to provide the number you entered in Part 3, item 29 (We put one, as my wife is sponsoring just me, her husband) then it says persons NOT sponsored in this affidavit Number 2 says yourself (This would be my wife?, so we put a 1 in the box?) Number 3 says, If you are currently married, enter '1' for your spouse. (My wife is married, to me, so do we put a one in here too? The one we entered in item 1, was for me too, so do we put zero so its not counted twice? Or if we put a 1 in this box - will I not then be sponsored, as this box is under the persons NOT sponsored section. SO CONFUSING!! We dont have any children so nothing to worry about in those boxes! Any advice would definitely help as were very confused by this section!
  14. Haha thank you for this, I spent a good 30 minutes looking for 2 1'4 thinking I was going crazy!