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  1. So how about your I-751 case status . Did it approved yet
  2. did you have any update on your case, I has done interview on 02/04 same yours in Tampa, I aslo went with my husband, they has been scheduled me for Oath taking next Friday 02/22, I hope you will get update soon and will get same Oath date , so try to check your case time by time
  3. How about you I-751. Did you ready get your green card 10 years . Or it still pending when you filled N-400
  4. Yes, my case status change to Oath ceremony has been mailed. And i can print out the notice on my account document tab. The mail will be recieved later.
  5. did they tell you that when they will send you letter notice for second interview , last time I went interview with my husband aslo, but he wait outside , when they call my number, only me follow them
  6. I don"t know. Maybe the scheduled calendar we see on website there is only for judicial with who change the name on application. I was not change my name. So maybe March 15 it will be for ceremony change name
  7. I was applied base on marriage 3 years rule, so after I complete the civic question corrected, they asked me about my tax return joint together , where I been working, what my husband job, how many kid we have, and after that, they ask me all question yes/no in part 12, and they ask me signed on tablet, the they give me the paper result has checked show that I passed the test, and they approved my application,
  8. I has been interviewed on 02/04 last week, after I left their office , my case status changed to Oath ceremony will be scheduled, and yesterday it was update to oath letter has been mailed, the document just upload this morning on my account, my office in Tampa
  9. My Oath ceremony has been scheduled for February 22 at same local office, good luck to everyone
  10. my oath ceremony has been scheduled , it will be Feb 22 at Tampa office , good luck to everyone here for all process
  11. trangnguyen

    N-400 March 2018 Filers

    hi, may I ask, how long since case status show Oath ceremony will be scheduled until they change to the Oath was mailed, I mean how long you got the date for the Oath after you finished your interview, thank so much
  12. I just completed my interview this morning, I has been approved, my case status now updated to Oath ceremony will be scheduled, so I hope they will mail me the letter soon, good luck to everyone,
  13. trangnguyen

    N-400 June 2018 Filers

    hi all, may I ask, which part in application that they will ask Yes/No question when we interview , please share to me, thanks
  14. trangnguyen

    N-400 June 2018 Filers

    I aslo know this morning, mine is Feb 4th