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  1. Waiting. all you can really do at this very moment is make sure your required documents are in line and have your Fiancee get her police record if she hasn't already.
  2. Let us know how it goes! I've been trying my best to keep everyone updated on kind of "where things stand" at NVC using others timeline updates. Fridays usually have a big turnout, so a lot of people might get lucky today. Anyone who makes it today is almost guaranteed to make the March 5th shipment, so I wish you all luck.
  3. Well good news for the 1 February people, they have officially started receiving packets from your week group. They started receiving packets from the 28Jan-1Feb group a couple days ago.
  4. We're up to 5 people already from the 28 Jan to 1 Feb group that have updated their timelines as NVC received. Only one from today, others from yesterday and the day before. Looks like people need to start making some calls. The time has come for you guys. Congrats to those rolling in, cause you should definitely be in the March 5th shipment. 😊😊😊
  5. Well, you got an RFE, it happens. I know Kris would already be here if I hadnt got one, but I forgot to check a box. My mistake, so now we wait. Keep in mind there are still August filers without NOA2,whereas you're a September filer and have it.
  6. Nobody with an NOA2 date after you has visa in hand yet. As of now, the latest NOA2 date to make it to NVC is a Jan 29th date.
  7. Nice, glad to see the late January guys starting to roll in. I think you're the 3rd, but I'm sure there's more.
  8. that's my guess. I know nvc doesn't close, but it doesn't mean there aren't employees there who get furloughed. they could have been running a skeleton crew.
  9. JMEngland

    K1 for ex wife sister

    aaaaa, you found it!
  10. Yea, just depends on who you get. I tried a few times, every one refused. The letter comes quick, so it's no big deal.
  11. Nope, status never changes, and USCIS will just tell you it's shipped immediately after NOA2, which isn't correct. For some reason things slowed down a lot in January. it used to only take a couple weeks to make it to NVC, but now it's taking upwards of a month, longer for some people. Case number is typically assigned a day after though. Go hang out in the thread that was posted, you'll be able to gather a lot of good info hanging out in there, including stuff that will be beneficial later.
  12. Probably not. Even level two wouldn't tell me when I had one, said I had to wait for the letter to find out.
  13. Yea I don't know why that pic comes up when you post the link tk the thread. it was posted somewhere in the thread and now it just automatically posts with the link. In reference to March 5th, and waves, that's for leaving NVC. Going to NVC is sporadic, there's no schedule or waves, they just ship them off randomly as individual parcels. If you use the timeline search tool, you can see that the number of people from the week before you that have arrived at NVC is fairly low, around 20 percent, and only one person out of around 60 from your week have made it there. Give it another week, minimum.