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  1. They usually call, and it's usually around a week. Kris interviewed on a Monday and received hers that Friday.
  2. everything will go fine. just go over the checklist together and make sure everything is there. we split ours up into document protectors. one had passport, ds160 page, appointment email, police record, and birth certificate. another packet was just financial stuff. last was proof of relationship type stuff. put a lot of pictures of you guys together. pictures can't prove the 2 year thing (unless dated or at a very known event), but they definitely can help show your relationship is genuine. we had about 15 and the officer actually went through them, smiling and making comments. there's a list out there with a ton of possible questions, have her review them just to get an idea of the type of stuff they might ask. Kristina had a good time there, nothing but good things to say about the Embassy in Kyiv.
  3. Well, as an update, Kristina flew in Saturday evening, no problems. She received passport in hand Friday, flew in the next day. The flight was rough, it was her first ever, but all in all not too bad. Lots of tears on her part, but that's normal for her anytime she gets stressed. For anyone transferring in JFK, be aware that international to national flights must go through immigration, take their bags, take a train to another terminal, turn bags back in, then go back through security. make sure your non English speaking spouses are prepped well. Also, her immigration interview was conducted in English, even though she doesn't really speak it, but she made it through. They basically just asked her why she was here. She stated "to marry Justin" while shaking and nervous, then they laughed, told her to calm down she was fine, then stamped her passport and she was on her way. Before the interview, they asked why she didn't speak English and she said "because I was stupid in school and I didn't pay attention enough" and they all laughed and the officer said "I appreciate your honesty". On another note, she arrived here raving about how amazing her travel through JFK was, stating "never in my life have I seen so many happy people everywhere, everyone in America is so happy. When I cried, 2 different grandma's came to me, one bought me water, I tried to pay her but she wouldn't take the money. everywhere I went everyone helped me so much without even asking. America is not like Ukraine, it's not like Europe, people here, they are nice, they help, they are happy to help you". I'll let that reflect onto everyone here, because even though she really didn't know it, even before leaving she had already received help from dozens of Americans that she didn't even know, out of the kindness of their heart, so I thank each and every one of you for that, for all the help we received during this process.
  4. Good luck! Kyiv is an easy Embassy, it'll be a breeze. Just make sure you have everything on the checklist and you'll be fine.
  5. Passport received, ticket bought, and she'll be on her way here soon 😊
  6. Here's how to get a real-feel on where they (USCIS) are. Under the timeline section you have what is called "timeline search". In that select visa type K1, service center "CSC", results "detailed". Now, what you want to do is select "NOA Date Range" to go from the Sunday through the Saturday of your week. Off this, see what percentage of people have NOA2. If it's less than 60 percent, check the week prior, then prior to that, until you find a week with over 60 percent. The week after the one with 60 percent is the people who should realistically be expecting their NOA2s at that current time. The highest it usually gets is 60-70 percent NOA2 received before moving onto the next week, mostly because many people just don't come back and update their timelines in a timely manner. Once the week before yours is at 60 percent, then you know you should be receiving it "any day now". If it goes past your week by quite a bit and you still haven't received anything, high chance you got an RFE, but still, the guy approving your I129F could simply be really slow. Use this technique for tracking packets sent to NVC also, it works in that case just the same. Past that point things change and this technique won't apply because things become Consulate specific.
  7. Stumbled upon this thread, so I'll post our stuff. Interview 1 APR CEAC "Administrative Processing" 2 APR CEAC "Issued" 3 APR (today) Hoping for pickup notification either tomorrow or Friday. Looks like for Shiran it was next day, but I don't know how usual that is. She's picking up from the main hub in Kyiv.
  8. Painless. They reviewed her documents, asked my full name, then asked how we met. They interrupted her a few seconds into the last question and said "that's enough, you're approved, congratulations".
  9. the day will come, it goes fast. in the overall scheme of things, time from noa2 to arrival at embassy is quick, even though it can feel like forever.
  10. Thanks everyone! Its such a surreal feeling to know it's really done.
  11. Thank you all for the support. I'm so thankful for all of the support that we've received during this process. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— She's got all her documents perfect to the T. the only "off" thing is her last name being transliterated different on her passport by one letter, which of course has us worried, but we've been assured by people that it's no big deal and they'll just correct it at the Embassy if they need to, so we're waiting to find out if that's correct. Everything else should be smooth, interview should be a breeze for her. I think she knows me better than I do, so there shouldn't be anything that stumps her.
  12. yep, 7 hours ahead in Ukraine, so it's been the 1st for a good while already.
  13. In a small town in Ukraine, a girl has awoken and will soon leave for the Embassy 😊 2.5 hours till doors open
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