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  1. just an update: sorry late post interview date: February 12, 2020 we arrived in the building 1 hour early but we entered the USCIS premises 30 minutes before our interview at 12:45pm we’re not approved on the spot the IO told us that our case needs a further review eventhough she’s telling us that our application looks good to her. First we need to take the oat, and after that she asked me about anything in the Form I-485 and then signed. She also asked the “Yes or No” questions and then the crazy part is that she told us that whenever she ask a question, she will look to any of us and that person where’ she’s looking needs to answer her question ended us laughing because we’re like in a game show😂 but that was tough so better review everything about your spouse, their family and special events on your life as a couple. She told us that if do we have any document to submit and we submitted our health insurance, joint bank statements, car insurance, life insurance, bills with our name together, copy of 401K as beneficiary, credit card statement with my name as supplementary, lot’s of photos of us together from the day of my K-1 visa approval to Feb 2020. She also asked my husband’s income tax return but we’re not filing yet instead we handed to her the W2. She browse our photo and asking who’s with us on a certain photos and she encircled the photo with my husband’s parents. She also asked us about if do we have a joint lease? we said no because we’re still living in an apartment with my husband’s parents. Are we paying a rent? how much is the rent? any plans of moving out? how many rooms and bathrooms does our apartment have? how many persons in a household? Do we have an engagement ring? Where did you propose? do you have a ring? When did we get married? Where? Who’s in the ceremony? Reception where? have you seen your parents-in-law? where are they? what are their names? favorite restaurant? future plans together? i forgot the others sorry Interview last for about 45 minutes and after the interview, she gave us a paper about the Removal of Conditions and the 3 of us signed that paper. No approval so we left the building quite puzzled 😂 and after 37 days March 19, 2020: New Card is Being Produced March 20, 2020: Case was Approved March 24, 2020: Card was Mailed to me Still waiting for my GC to arrive in my mail 😁 Gidluck VJ’s
  2. Congratulations we’re seeing the silver lining now 😂😂😂 and we need to be ready for the ROC soon
  3. yeah they have nothing to do but to work on those filed up applications for approvals, hang tight you’ll get yours too the soonest.
  4. Thank you @CharleneB and yeah you’re right I just got an update finally
  5. You are not alone @MeghanK, same thing here we had our interview last Feb. 12 everything went well but the IO told us that she needs further review though she always told us that our paper looks good to her 😏 no RFE in the mail, no case update online still “Interview was Scheduled” and its been a month now
  6. same situation here but I arrived in the US May 2019 and married June 2019 so i passed the presence test and i have an income in Canada that i need to declare here as foreign income when my husband filed his taxes, please enlighten me VJ members on what should we do? because I also need to file my taxes in Canada, should I declare my Canadian income here in the US when my husband and I filed our taxes MFJ though I’m unemployed until now? thank you
  7. Hi is the printout that they handed to you states about the removal of conditions? or different than that? we had our interview today and she didn’t tell us if we’re approve or not she just handed us a paperwork about removal of conditions signed but both of us and the IO. thank you and Congratulations 🎉
  8. correct me if I’m wrong, i checked my DS-3025 and i had a Tdap vaccine which I think is the vaccination requirement instead of Td
  9. status changed to "Interview was Scheduled" last December 31, and waiting for the mail for the interview instructions. what to end the year with a bang!
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