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  1. Anytime. Just keep the faith, we are all learning from peoplecyhay have been through the process. I thank God for the Visa Journey family. That is why it's important that everyone fill out their timeliness. It will help others...
  2. My husband had his interview February 11th i believe. He has to go 250 miles to drop off his passport and a few more documents. It stated we were refused. His medical appointment was on the 23 of February because they were so busy. On March 05 it was refused/updated. On March 10 refused/updated, on March 12 refused/updated. Then it said Administrative processing on March 16. We checked March 17, Issued.. I've learned through our visa journey family that when the dates change regardless of what it say that your case is being looked at. Good luck...
  3. I was trying to post in the Nigeria sub African forum. What happened?
  4. My husband had to send off more documents to the Embassy in Lagos. I assumed we are under AP. Our case were refused waiting on medical because the clinic messed up our appointment date. All documents and medical have arrived a week or two ago to the embassy. Now our case is saying ready. My husband has already had his interview the first week of February. Does this mean he needs to have another interview? Thank you for you help and time
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