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  1. AlexandraNoel

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Wow! i didn’t think the kid was apart of the protest also. 😧. Just crazy
  2. AlexandraNoel

    Haiti K1 Visa Applicants

    Killing people?? 🤔 that’s a first... i haven’t heard that one as of yet.. the ppl are just very upset and don’t want to protest peacefully. I am praying that things get better.
  3. Me too! Today also dated January 30th!
  4. You’ll be getting One in the mail too. And now, you wait pretty much on your NOA2! 🤗🤗
  5. I did too today! Dated January 30th...now we wait.....
  6. Also, please let me know when you get yours. That’s when I’ll know I’ll be getting mine around the same time! Lol
  7. I haven’t! They probably did send it but my phone has been having issues since yesterday so i can’t be sure if they sent me a text or not. But, I’m waiting on the letter atleast! ☺️☺️
  8. Yay! When did they receive your petition?
  9. Good evening! my tracking # shows this (picture attached) does this mean i have to wait until it is says “Picked Up”? Meaning USCIS doesn’t have it yet? I checked the money order and it hasn’t been cashed yet.
  10. I also got mine delivered on the 28th! So we both are in the same waiting period. ☺️
  11. I’m with you guys too! They received it yesterday! So I’m patiently waiting for the NOA1 ☺️☺️
  12. oh okay i see! i am hoping it goes by quick. yes. thats what i am assuming
  13. hmm its weird because yesterday showed available for pick up and this morning shows delivered... so maybe i have to wait until they actually pick it up..