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  1. Piece of advice: Ensure you have proof of all your immunizations that are required. They are posted on the Consulate doctors website. Ive seen many people on here freaking out because they weren’t prepared. I had to get a blood test, receive the results and get certain shots to meet the requirements. Also their are other requirements you can you can prepare for in the meantime, like (x5) US passport photos, doctors note for certain conditions/reasons and possible evidence, etc. Always better to be prepared
  2. Hi Bethany, it it was a 6 week wait for us to receive our interview date. According to my timeline you should be receiving your interview date on or around September 10th. It is a first come first serve system so it all depends on the amount of approved applications. Hope this helps, I know everyday seems so long when you are waiting.
  3. That is such great news for you all, what an exciting day! My son and I received our interview date today as well! September 10th, case completed on June 26th. Such a great day for all of us!
  4. Hi B and S, I completely understand and empathize with your situation, especially at these final stages. After conducting some research it was noted that many of the staff at the Montreal US Consulate go on holidays this time of year, which creates a backlog. For how long I do not know.
  5. Hi Jamieincanada, Thank you for the response It Appears we are in the same boat, hopefully soon!!! I will update date if I hear anything and please do the same
  6. Thank you for your response Hopefully we receive our interview soon. 🤞🏼 All the best to you!
  7. Hi Mouna24, That is great! You got approved at you interview today. I don’t know why things are taking so long for my son and I ? According to your timeline we should’ve received our interview letter by now. Did you request an expedited interview? Thank you for your response and I wish you all the best in your future in the USA
  8. Hi there, i am just awaing my interview date in Montreal. How long from when you were approved by the NVC till your interview date? Ive been waiting almost 2 months and no date yet. Thank you and wish you all the best
  9. Hi All, My son and I have been approved by the NVC for our IR1 Visa’s since the middle of June 2018. Now we are awaiting our interview date at the Montreal Consulate. Anyone know how long it currently takes to receive an interview date in Montreal, Canada? Thank you in advance for your knowledge and insight
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