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  1. Thanks so much for all the info - as I'm just starting to read thru everything and get a grasp of all the paperwork to get 'ahead' of the game for when the time comes. As we will be getting married earlier next year! I'm sure once I start filling out the actual paperwork I will have more detailed questions that hopefully I can find the answers or examples here for! I am registered to receive my absentee ballot now! My parents were just sending me the early voting ballet that I had always been signed up for to me when they received it, but now I'll receive them to my e-mail. Luckily, yesterday 11pm was the cut-off to update for voting ballots and I made it after you responded! I'll be heading to Arizona so not too far from Oregon! Small world Cheers for your help so far... seriously have made me feel less stressed and overwhelmed about it all! x
  2. Wow, thank you so much for all this information! 1 - I have a US bank account so I think I will pick up a checkbook when I go to visit for Thanksgiving this year to be able to make payment via my US bank account. I think we will do the same and get tracking just to be certain nothing goes missing - will be worth the investment. Do you receive correspondence via your AU address or do you rely on family members to scan and mail correspondence? 2 - Yes, I believe I may potentially be able to use a family member - does this mean I co-sponsor with them or they are the sole sponsor for Affidavit of Support? Once I secure I job with US income again can I change the sponsor to myself? Yes, the USD/AUD rate is shocking right now!!! Total bummer as I transfer money to my US bank account from my AU income, luckily TransferWise is quite fair with rates/fees. 3 - It looks like I will have to go with Option 3 'Good Faith' as I am on a Partner Visa in Australia that is currently in temp residency stage... the permanent resident stage has been applied for but it takes ages in Australia to get the visa... I have waited 3.5yr now for my PR, but we are over waiting and just want to move back to the US, more opportunity and less costs for a family, etc (in our opinion of course) and closer to my family. Thank you for all your examples, did you supply this information with the initial I-130 or is this for the second part of the visa when the Affidavit of Support is filed? Side note - I feel silly for asking, how have you maintained voting? 4 - Definitely have decided to complete this process w/o an attorney... I guess I got worried reading a lot of Immigration Sites saying that if XYZ you will not be able to apply, I even asked a number of different Immigration Lawyers during a free consultation if you can apply for I-130 whilst abroad and they all told me they highly advise against it... plus, I spent over 9k for my Australian visa and did it myself and I'd like to keep the costs down this time haha...
  3. Hi everyone... I’m Jules & a USC living in Australia with my partner. I have lived in Australia with my partner for 4 years+ now & he is an Aussie citizen. We want to move to America.. so we plan on getting married soon then I will submit / apply for the I-130. My questions... 1. Can I apply / file the I-130 whilst living abroad in Australia after recently getting married 2. Can I reside in Australia until confirmation that the I-130 has been approved then move back to the US to “re domicile” myself and secure a job to provide the affidavit of support or does the next part of the process need to be applied for immediately after confirmation of approval for the I-130? (I have been working FT in Sydney and have filed US Tax returns based on my AUD income but living in Syd is so expensive I haven’t been able to adequately build up a savings hence wanting to move back to the states but I would need to find a job once I moved back but shouldn’t be too hard as I have professional experience and a masters degree) 3. For purpose of “re domicile” and proving my intentions are to move back, I recently opened up a new checking account in the US and have been transferring money into the account - is this be beneficial? 4. Is using a service such as “Boundless” which is $7,500 worth it? Or do you reckon the forms are doable? I guess that is all for now... cheers xx
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