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  1. Thanks for your help sandra!!!! Can i ask you another question how i can waived the fee, they are asking me to pay for the i-864 120 dollars, and the i-864w doesnt have fee do you know what can i do with that?
  2. Hi! Sandra thank you for answer they send me this and im applying for vawa
  3. Thank you!! So that means that i need to file the form i864w and sent it to nvc?
  4. Hi, im want to ask something if someone has experience someting similiar, my case was approved on april and now its on the national visa center and they are asking me for an sponsor im applying for vawa from outside the country, the nvc can do that?
  5. Hi, i want to let you know that they approved my case today and it took exactly 22.5 months My dates are: June 15, 2017 fees were waived. On november i got an rfe On junuary 23 they receive the evidence And today i got approved
  6. Yes i got the notification on November i send the response 1 week ago because i didnt have all the evidence ready and i need more time
  7. Hi, im want to ask you how long is taking the rfe respond today i just receive an alert that uscis is working again in my case im from june 2017
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