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  1. My case IS completed. (As of today! 🥳) When roughly will my interview be set? Sorry if I'm dumb.
  2. So my papers were just accepted at the NVC level. Will I get an interview in 3-4 months?
  3. hi guys, Where do I find the embassy wait time for immediate relative (IR1) visa for Montreal?
  4. We got approved! Yesssss. I can’t believe how fast Potomac is working rn. It was almost exactly 5 months.
  5. Again, the dates are accurate because these are actual cases that actual VJers are reporting. You can almost always click each couple’s timeline and see their comments celebrating getting their NOA2s.
  6. These are VJers who are providing their own NOA2 dates. The list is compiled by Igor/VJ from what people are putting in their timelines.
  7. It’s impossible to navigate lol. Here’s Texas below. It looks like they’re only approving April applications rn: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=3&option=2&sortby=2
  8. I think so. I only really check Potomac (Igor’s list here on VJ), and it’s moving very quickly. I did check the other processing centers and, whew, they seem very slow.
  9. We’re also July filers (Potomac) and I’m trying very hard to not get excited but mid-June applications are getting approved right now and I’m very excited, despite my best attempts not to be.
  10. Hi all, Sorry to be annoying but this site isn’t configured for searches on mobile. After getting the I-130 approval, how long does the rest of the process go until, say, interview?
  11. Wow that’s amazing. That’s nothing like my coworkers would be. LOL!
  12. Good day, all. To distract us all from the ####### situation we’re all in, I thought I’d start a little thread about something I’ve wondered about and have not seen on VJ. For those of you who are leaving your countries to be with your spouse/SO at some unknown point, did you tell your workplace that you are leaving the country (and obviously the job, too) at some point? I will start. I got this job in November 2016, a week after getting married. We submitted when my US husband graduated—that is, July 2018. As far as my job knows, my husband will be moving here (a lie, and yes I feel badly about it), not the other way around (the truth is I will be moving to glorious America whenever this blessed visa arrives). How about you? Did you tell your workplace? Will you?
  13. Sorry. I hate to be annoying but I can’t see how to access this info on the new VJ (which is lovely), and I only have a work computer, and I don’t want to check on my work computer so all I have is mobile.
  14. Hi all, not sure what else to add here. If you look anywhere where Americans are sponsoring Germans, they’re getting the visas back sooooo fast. What gives? I’m Canadian and my husband is American. Are Canada and Germany so very different?
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