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  1. What's going on, we did the Interview the 18th of Decmeber, Aramex should've delivered it, they haven't even shipped it out yet. Who should we call, what should we do, we're 3 F2A Cases (Sons of Permanent Resident) - We made the Aramex account before we did the Interview, actually what's going on here. Is this even related to the US Government Shutdown, I checked the CEAC site (https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx) and it still didn't change from "Ready" and also, it was last updated the 23rd of December. (This is in the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt)
  2. It shows that for me aswell, I'm F2A and I already did my interview on the 18th of December 2018, but now it still shows "Ready" - It's been 24 days, but it shows that it last updated on the 23rd of December, 5 days after.. No one has responded to my forum post,. I assume this would be sorta related, so that's why I posted this here. Cheers!
  3. Could this be affected by the Government Shutdown or? (I already did the Interview, everything's done, just waiting for Visa)
  4. 5 days after the Interview. The 23rd of Dece.
  5. I keep checking the CEAC site, it's still on "Ready" (as if we were in the Interview process) I'm in Alexandria by the way, if that helps anything.
  6. We're F2A Visa Category (Sons of Permanent Resident) and we did our Visa Interview at the Cairo Embassy in the 18th of December. Here we are now, we did the Interview, got accepted! :) But here's the issue from the title, passport hasn't arrived, we are supposed to pick it up from an Aramex branch, we went there yesterday nothing even came up, they haven't even started the shipping process. We even tried calling the US Embassy in Cairo, they passed us to an automated number where they asked for a UID or BPT number? Not sure what the hell that is, if you know could you help out?
  7. So I guess they use the ones that are most recently used with them. So in this case it'd be the one I bring with me during the Interview?
  8. Well, the Visa Application photo is too old, there was one that was a year ago that we took. But now that my Interview is coming, I was just wondering if the picture you bring with you (Before the Interview) is the one they use. Also I'm not in need of an urgent answer, thank you though x) That's why I said silly question. Cheers
  9. The one you provide for the Interview, or the ones used before during your application? Thanks.
  10. Not doing adjustment of status, I'm being petitioned for by a Permanent Resident parent.
  11. I don't know if I'm allowed to quote you on something unrelated, but, do you happen to know the answer to my question?
  12. What picture do they use for your Green Card? Is it the one you take before your Interview or? Thanks.