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  1. Anniecia

    Port of Entry….length of stay determination

    Hi, yes that's an error it's a B2 visiting visa ten years my first travel was in 2014 I spend two weeks and this second trip is now 2018. I spent one mont the cash was Us$580. The first time I travelled was with my daughter and now with my son and husband. She was still going school so she couldn't make the trip. School was not yet on holiday. Thanks
  2. Anniecia

    Port of Entry….length of stay determination

    Thanks again guys. I think I will wait until nx year to visit her. Thanks for all your replies.
  3. Anniecia

    Port of Entry….length of stay determination

    Thanks for your advice, any reason why the short entry though? I have one lyrics travelled twice. First for two weeks and I spent onky the two weeks even though they gave me six months. Then nx my last trip with my husband and son they gave me onky one month.
  4. Question: I recently visited the US with my husband and son age 1. We were ask how many cash we had and how long we are planning to stay. I said for a month that we were ask who are we going to visit in said families. We were given only one month. Why? This was not a problem though cause that's the initial time we wanted but normally you should be granted 6 months. Anyway I wanted to visit my friend in California nx month would that be a problem is it too soon I just came back July 8. Please help any advice will be appreciated.